Romance Novel Heroes

Romance Novel Heroes I read a lot of books. I don’t often get books at the library because I seldom remember to take them back. I’ve paid too many $50.00 fines. Now, I just buy books, it’s cheaper. I buy a lot of books – mostly paperback books because I’m cheap. But I have bought… Read More »

Fun With Passwords

Fun With Passwords Every six months or so we like to lay upon you the benefits of using secure passwords. And every six months or so, we know our advice is falling on deaf ears. But we’re nothing if not intrepid. Today, we’re going to have fun with passwords. So even if you don’t take… Read More »

Download Windows ISO Files With Ease

Download Windows ISO Files With Ease If you don’t have a Windows installation disk (or bootable installation USB) you should. This Cloudeight freeware pick makes it easy to download a Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 ISO file from which you can easily create a Windows installation disk. If you don’t know what an… Read More »


Alone I don’t mind being alone sometimes. To sit down under a shady tree in the backyard with a cool drink and a good book – that’s living. And sometimes I love walking alone – winter, summer, spring and fall. Every season has its own flavor and beauty and smell. Sometimes it’s easier to savor… Read More »