A Cloudeight Poll: What Web Mail Do You Use?

What Web Mail Do You Use? We highly recommend that everyone have a least one web mail account. There are a lot of reasons why, but two of he main reasons are: If you change your ISP you have access to at least one mail account If you get a new computer you have access… Read More »

An Oil Lamp With a Mantle

An Oil Lamp With a Mantle When I was growing up I was lucky enough to have a hero that I could hug and talk to every day; a hero who was my friend and my grandfather. I was lucky. My grandpa has been dead some 45 years now. It’s been a long time since I… Read More »

Free Advice!

FreeAdvice.com First of all, this article is over 1100 words long. But,  I know that you’re thinking that it’s mostly just us yammering as usual… but NO! NO! NO! I tells ya! Our ramblings account for only 353 words of the following work of art. I admit, rarely do we find a site or a… Read More »

Have Some Password Fun

Have Some Password Fun Every six months or so we like to impress upon you the benefits of using secure passwords. And every six months or so, we know our advice is falling on deaf ears. But we’re nothing if not intrepid. Now, you may think passwords are boring troublesome – because sometimes you can’t… Read More »

Announcing 2 Cloudeight Christmas Stationery Collections

Announcing 2 Cloudeight Christmas Stationery Collections and More Dear Friends, Happy Holidays! Thank you so much for your support! Christmas is just three weeks away. We all know those weeks will fly by and before we know it, we’ll all be gathering with our friends and families to celebrate Christmas. We are happy to introduce… Read More »

It Pays to Get Older… Sometimes

It Pays to Get Older… Sometimes I wonder how many of you know about EB’s other web site? You probably think those pictures of EB on The Hill are really EB, actually that’s her oldest daughter, EB jr. To see the real EB you’ll have to hang on to your dentures until I get done… Read More »