💔Do you love emoji?💕

By | April 26, 2016
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💔Do you love Emoji?💋

Today I did something I haven’t done since the day I met EB – I had 🙋 fun! I was doing Cloudeight Direct Computer Care sessions today and dazzling people 👪 with my large repertoire of Emoji.  You’re probably dazzled 🎆 too.

Back in the day, we called these things “Emoticons” or “Smileys” and that was that. Then 🌐 Japan got on the internet and now we’re all cosmopolitan 👪 and stuff. And the rest, as they say, is 💾 history.

The best teacher is trying new things. You’ll either learn it or give up on it, either way you learned something. I learned I didn’t like calculus – I learned that a long time ago. I barely got past algebra.  But let’s move on and and say you want to send a friend an email and you say:

Hi Molly,

It’s ⛅ partly cloudy today; I think it’s going to snow ❄ soon, oh boy! I try to look at the bright side – it’s certainly better than a 🌋 volcano. I mean, 💀seriously! Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny 🌞 with a chance of a shower ☔ later in the day, so I’ll have to take Snowball 🐕 for a walk in the morning or he’ll get wet – and nothing smells worse than a wet dog, except for, maybe, a wet 🐫camel. We are so lucky that deserts are normally sunny 🔆 and dry. I can tell you for sure that 🚧Boston is not a desert, and 🚿 wet dogs are a problem. No 😃kidding!

I am so tired, so I think I’m going to take a 💤 nap.  Snowball will just have to 🙇 wait. All this typing has exhausted me.

Oh, I broke up with 💔 Peter last week; he was such a 💨windbag – plus he had a big 👃nose

I gotta go…🚽

See 👀 you soon!



If you really want to drive people crazy, or if you have dogs or camels, or your from Japan or Michigan, you’ll love this site pick called, creatively, “Copy and Paste Emoji”. And its name is exactly what it is – Emoji you can copy and paste into just about anything. These Emoji are Unicode and are compatible with Windows … Apple and Android? Not so much – but maybe coming soon.

Have fun. Drive people nuts! Check out this Cloudeight Site Pick and maybe you’ll fall in 💑 love!

👌This article is © by Cloudeight. Cloudeight is a registered ® ™ trademark of 🐵EB World Empires – all rights reserved for wet camels 🐪.





11 thoughts on “💔Do you love emoji?💕

  1. Connie

    I tried this on Facebook this A.M. I didn’t copy and paste into the clipboard as I don’t know how to do it but I copied and pasted directly onto my Facebook page. I used a cat’s face but when I posted the message, the cat’s face turned into yellow smiling faces.

  2. Thelma Kok

    Your SMILEYCONS, are 500% better than those that you just used. They are too small for me to even see them. I still use the SmileyCons. I’m from the old school I guess. I also like your old Stationery. Does anyone else still use it??

  3. Rose Cantalini

    Am I the only one who has never liked those little yellow circles with facial expressions? After reading this , I’m pretty sure that I will not use them. I am not the best typist, so I have a hard enough time just striking the right keys.

  4. June

    I agree with Thelma, I still use your Smileycons in all my emails, especially the animated ones, my favourites are the Good Morning and the pouring tea one, plus you don’t need to elabourate on what they say.
    I keep a folder on my desk top of all my most used images.

    Did try to copy and paste them into this email but failed!

  5. pat

    your emoji look so pretty in colour – the ones on the linked page are all B&W. what am i missing?

    1. infoave Post author

      You have to copy & paste them into an HTML page, document, or email for the color to show.

      1. pat

        pasted into Outlook, sent it to myself, and they are still B&W 😿

        1. pat

          ok – the ones in my email and Word stayed B&W – strange!

  6. Holly

    I agree with Thelma and yours are the BEST!! Just wish you had time to make more new ones. I did try to use the ones you told us about BUT sure could not figure that out. It was not easy as yours is. At this age I NEED easy!

  7. Muriel Schlecht

    I was thinking the same thing, Thelma. SMILEYCONS are superior. These site is nice to be aware of, tho.


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