3 Quick, Easy & Useful Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

By | August 16, 2016
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3 Quick, Easy & Useful Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Did “U” Know this?

You can access the “Ease of Access Center” by pressing the Windows Key + the U key. (Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10)

The I’s Have It

You can quickly open the PC Settings Dialog (including the shutdown dialog) in Windows 8x or 10 by pressing the Windows Key + the I key. That’s the letter i – as in indigo, India, invective. OK?   (Widows 8x and Widows 10).

Toggle With a T

You can toggle through open programs by pressing Windows Key + T. Press and hold the Windows Key and tap the “T” key and you’ll cycle through all open programs (Windows 8x and Windows 10)


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