3 Time-saving Shortcuts

By | October 24, 2016
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3 Time-saving Shortcuts

These shortcuts work on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10

You’re filling out a Web form and you made a mistake; you typed in the wrong email address or whatever. Instead of backspacing to remove the incorrect address, put your cursor in the form field and press the CTRL key plus the A key and then the Delete Key. CTRL + A highlights everything in the form field. The Delete key deletes the highlighted text.

Imagine you’re viewing a very long web page and you want to go back to the top. Instead of scrolling back up, press the CTRL + HOME keys. If you want to go to the bottom of the page, press CTRL + END

Here’s a really simple way to highlight a large block of text. Put your cursor at the top of this tip and left-click. Now put it at the bottom of this tip and click while holding down he SHIFT key.

Pretty cool, huh?

4 thoughts on “3 Time-saving Shortcuts

  1. Sue

    I think I’ve been using these since Windows 98. When I want to delete several emails in a row or select a group of pictures. I simply click on the first one than push the shift key and go to the bottom and click. It selects everything in between.

  2. Gail Bartley

    I knew about one of these tips and have been using it for some time but didn’t know about the other two. Thanks so much.

  3. Jan L. Prosser

    CTRL + HOME keys. If you want to go to the bottom of the page, press CTRL + END

    No need to include the CTRL key for this to work.
    Just press HOME or END

    1. infoave Post author

      It depends on the program. CTRL+HOME and CTRL+END work in virtually any text editor or word processor, browser and email program. For instance, simply clicking Home and End in NotePad does not work, pressing Ctrl+Home and Ctrl+End works. So rather than listing what works in certain programs, we used CTRL+Home and CTRL+END – because they work in virtually every program. Pressing Home and End work in most Web browsers and email programs (as do Ctrl+Home and Ctrl+End), but not in most other programs like NotePad, WordPad, Word… etc.

      So rather than saying you can use Home and End in Web browsers and email program, but not in text editors, word processors and most other desktop programs, we covered them all with CTRL+Home and CTRL+End.


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