A cloud-based desktop? Yes, indeed!

By | July 30, 2011
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An online desktop (or a cloud desktop) is like having a computer on the Web. With an interface similar to Windows, you can edit photos, create documents, share files, store files, send emails, display photos in a number of different ways – almost everything you can do with a computer, you can do with a cloud-based desktop.

There’s only one that really stands out, and it’s called Glide. The free account supports up to six users and gives you a generous 30GB of storage space. If you really like Glide you can get 250GB of disk space and add up to 25 users for $49.95 per year.

Cloudeight InfoAve
Glide Desktop

Cloudeight InfoAve
Glide’s Email program

Glide is certainly interesting because it’s like a computer you can access with any Web browser quickly from any device – smart phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. And it doesn’t matter if you have a Windows computer, an Apple computer or a Linux computer – Glide works with any operating system or Web browser.

Here’s what Glide’s developer’s have to say:

“Glide OS 4.0 is a comprehensive Ad-Free cloud computing solution. Escape from the daily barrage of online floating, pop up, banner and streaming ads and email spam. In addition to providing you with an ad-free alternative, you get more storage, more features and more control over how you share your private information and personal files.

Glide is a free suite of rights-based productivity and collaboration applications with 30GBs of storage. Setup and administer up to six family member accounts including child accounts from your Glide settings panel. Users who want additional storage or would like to add additional users can upgrade to Glide Premium now with 250 GBs for $50.00 a year or 20 cents per GB per year. With a Glide Premium account you can setup and administer up to 25 users. The Glide OS provides automatic file and application compatibility across devices and operating systems. With Glide OS you also get the Glide Sync App which helps you to synchronize your home and work files.

You can even use Glide on virtually any mobile phone with a browser…”

While Glide may not be the future of computing, it’s certainly worth taking a look at. Think of the ways you could use a computer operating system and desktop you could access from anywhere using any Internet-connected device. The 30GB Glide account is free. You can read more about Glide, watch videos that demonstrate what Glide can do, and sign-up for free account at http://www.glidedigital.com/ .

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