A Few Handy Windows 10 Windows Key Shortcuts

By | March 17, 2016
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Cloudeight Internet: A Few Handy Windows 10 Windows Key Shortcuts

Win Key Show the Windows 10 Start Menu.
Win Key + Tab Launch Windows 10 Task View.
Win Key + Q Search Windows & the Web with Cortana (voice)
Win Key + S Search Windows & the Web (keybaord input)
Win Key + I Opens Windows 10 Settings.
Win Key + A Opens Windows 10 Notifications.
Win Key + L Locks any Windows 10 device.
Win Key + K Connect to wireless displays & audio devices
Win Key + X Same as right-clicking the Start button – opens the right-click (context) start menu.
Win Key + G Opens the Windows 10 Games Bar so you can record or take screenshots of your Windows games.
Win Key + D Shows the Windows Desktop no matter how many windows you have open.
Win Key + E Opens File Explorer (Windows Explorer)
Win Key + R Opens the Run Command dialog.

We’ve created a PDF file of these shortcuts for you so you can easily download and save this list – or feel free to download and print it. Download our PDF file here. 

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  4. Install a Windows 7-style start menu (at your request).
  5. Set default browser and mail settings ( by default Microsoft Edge is the default browser).
  6. Place shortcuts for Internet Explorer on your desktop, taskbar, and/or start menu (your choice).
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