A Special Announcement From Cloudeight – April 29, 2017

By | April 29, 2017
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Cloudeight InfoAve Premium Special Announcement

Cloudeight Special Announcement
April 29, 2017

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your support! And thanks also for subscribing to our Cloudeight InfoAve Premium newsletter!

Today, we’re announcing some new super specials for our Cloudeight Boosters, and some great new Cloudeight Booster freebies too!  If you’re not a booster, we hope you will consider joining us today!

Cloudeight InfoAve

Cloudeight Boosters Specials

A few times a year, we make sure very special offers exclusively to our Cloudeight Boosters. Today we are not only offering our boosters very special prices on our most popular products and services, we’ve also added some new freebies we know all of our boosters will enjoy – and benefit from.

If you’re currently a Cloudeight Booster, login to your Cloudeight Boosters home page and log in. You’ll see links to our specials and to your new freebies, right on the front page.

We appreciate your support more than you know. Without the help and friendship of our boosters, things would be even more difficult for us. So, thanks to all of our boosters – we hope you take advantage of the special offers, and that you enjoy the great new freebies as well!

Log in to your Cloudeight Boosters account right now – you’ll see the specials and the freebies as soon as you log in.
Cloudeight InfoAve

If you’re not a Cloudeight Booster yet, please keep on reading!

Cloudeight Internet - Help us with your gift

If you’re not currently a booster, we sure hope you’ll considering joining our Cloudeight Boosters. With a donation of as little as $10, you can be a Booster and take advantage of our special Booster sales and freebies. There are plenty more coming. Our boosters deserve it!

Every donation comes with an invitation to join Cloudeight Boosters. We need your help and we hope you’ll consider making a donation and joining our Cloudeight Boosters today.

You can make donation by visiting this page.

If you want to make a donation, but don’t want to join our Cloudeight Boosters, you’re under no obligation to do so – but we hope you will.

Please help with a donation right now.

Cloudeight InfoAve

Thank you for your support and your help. We appreciate you very much.

Best wishes,

Darcy & TC
Cloudeight Internet

6 thoughts on “A Special Announcement From Cloudeight – April 29, 2017

  1. wendy fallscheer

    Was long a we keep getting your InfoAve Premium, which ever way you send it that helps you – suits me just fine.

    1. infoave Post author

      We lost thousands of subscribers to Yahoo users who didn’t even know we were sending them a newsletter. We are glad you’re getting your email, but this is not typical of Yahoo – at least not in our experience, nor probably with the one billion users who had their accounts compromised.

  2. Diane

    Whichever way is easiest for you two. Just as long as I get it. It’s been my lifesaver for years!!! I just used the tip on how to change the settings so my computer would return to shutting down correctly. Fixed it! Thank you so much!

  3. James R. Pinney

    Hey been with you for many years I think about 2002 as I started in 2001 . So what ever keeps the ship afloat as we need you guys as much or more than uoi need us .. But my question we pay to get internet what gives them the right to control our down loads or emails . Isn’t their a law against censorship.. This like my problem I click to delete a spam now I had about 4,000 so I shut down my WIFI and I tried to block it but see no way to do so.. Now in this case censor ship would be nice .. So you see if is whose Bull is Getting Gored .. Jim

    1. infoave Post author

      Thanks Jim. It’s a battle we (and other companies who publish newsletters) have been fighting for years. People don’t want spam. ISP’s claim they can keep their customers “safe” from spam. Customers believe it. What happens then is ISPs start using algorithms and filters that block certain “key words”. For instance an article about malware or ransomware or spam might contain key words that would set off the spam filter and get that email blocked. We’re in the business of trying to help people stay safe on the internet – so many times we discuss the seedy sides of the web – as you can imagine that results in us setting off all kinds of spam filters on some ISPs. Many ISPs have backed away from filtering mail because spam filtering is so inexact that people were not getting all of their good or wanted email. Still some, like AT&T and its family (bellsouth, frontier, etc) still persist in censoring email. Can you imagine if the U. S. Postal service operated this way? Tossing out mail because they considered it junk mail?


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