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By | December 17, 2011
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Bonnie asks about Registry Mechanic and Registry Commander
You used to recommend Registry Mechanic so that is what I have on my computer. It is due to be renewed by January 3rd . They are offering me 15 months to renew. I was thinking of going to Registry Command which you recommend now. Do you feel this does a better job? I have had my computer in the shop a couple of times to be completely dumped. I do not want to go through this again as it is a pain to install everything again. Thank you.

Our answer
Hi Bonnie. First we want to make something clear: a registry cleaner and optimizer like Registry Commander or Registry Mechanic are not miracle cures. If your computer shop dumped your computer a couple of times either your computer had bigger problems than can be prevented by a registry cleaner — or your computer shop wanted to make a lot of money the easy way. We tend to think it’s the latter. The easiest and quickest way to “fix” a computer is to format the hard drive and reinstall Windows. It takes about 45 minutes to an hour to do and it sure does fix whatever ails your computer (unless it’s a hardware issue). So GeekSquad and other computer repair places love to tell you that the only way to fix your computer is to dump the hard drive (format it) and reinstall Windows. They are 100% sure it will “fix” your computer and they are 100% it won’t take them much time. So it’s very profitable. Of course if you haven’t backed up your computer, you’ll lose everything you had on it. That’s why we stress to all of you that you create mirror image backups of your computer’s hard drive while it’s running well. If you have problems you don’t have to take it to someone and pay them $200 to “fix” your computer by doing something you could yourself in an hour or so.

If you’re having serious enough computer issues to warrant taking your computer to a repair shop, next time you should consider buying a one-year unlimited subscription to the Reimage PC Repair system. We highly recommend it and certainly advise anyone who’s thinking of hauling their computer down to Best Buy to buy Reimage and give it a try – it works in the majority of cases and costs 50% to 75% less than GeekSquad or other computer repair services. Once you buy a Reimage license you can use it as many times as you want during the one-year term of your subscription.

As far as Registry Commander and Registry Mechanic – they are both maintenance programs…they are not computer repair programs and they’re not meant to be. They help you maintain your computer and eliminate annoying Windows errors caused by issues with the Windows registry. But cleaning and optimizing the Windows registry is only one part of maintaining your computer, sort of like getting exercise is one part of maintaining good health. You can go out and walk five miles every day, but if you feast on cheeseburgers, fries, ice cream, pizza, cakes and pies, your health will eventually suffer, even though you’re walking five miles every day. Someday, eating all that junk will catch up with you and you won’t be able to walk those five miles a day anymore. It’s the same with registry cleaners. Keeping your registry clean and free of errors is an important part of maintaining your computer – but it’s only one part of it. If your computer is feasting on all kinds of adware and spyware programs – loaded down with SmileyCentral and programs which are bundled with other programs – then cleaning the registry eventually won’t do you much good. Your computer will be sick from the junk that has been installed on it.

We recommend Registry Commander for a couple of reasons, although there is nothing wrong with Registry Mechanic; we recommended it for many years. We don’t like the way PC Tools handles the renewals. We have never been big on “automatic renewals” for software programs. Also we didn’t like the direction PC Tools was taking Registry Mechanic – we felt it was becoming more and more a “suite”; you know how we feel about those.

We have been able to negotiate a special price for our subscribers and are able to offer both Registry Commander and Captain Optimizer (another great computer maintenance program) for the same price as the developer charges for one of the programs. Right now you can get both programs for $39.95. We’ll run the sale until our supply of keys runs out. We ran out last weekend but were able to get one more batch of them. Once these are gone, they’re gone. It’s a great deal if you’re thinking about changing to Registry Commander – you’ll get another great program (Captain Optimizer) free.

7 thoughts on “About registry cleaners and such

  1. Irene

    Hy again, This was certainly a good question and came in just in time. I have Registry Mechanic and I keep getting a message that my subscription will be up in 5 days, then 4 days etc… I do hope that they will not automatically subscribe for another year without my consent. Yes, some programs do that. I will uninstall Registry Mechanic now and will download Registry Commander hoping PC tools does not redownload Registry Mechanic. And yes, I do have Reimage and it is a wonderful program to have around. I recommend it highly. Have yourselves a wonderful holiday season and see you around again in 2012 with all the good news you send every day. Irene

  2. Vincent

    Well TC you did make a smidgin less of rambling. So keep trying and you may arrive someday at a reasonable limit of it.”Patience And Perseverance Are The Essence Of Success” My best regards to you and EB. I wish both of you the best as I believe you give the best to me in you Infoave Premium Newsletter. May God bless you and yours with a blessed Christmas.

  3. Vincent

    Oh, I am sorry if I already said that. I started to type and went to look up something and lost it. When I came back I could not ffind my original. So I just typed it over again. Sorry about that.

  4. Vincent

    PS: Is there a spell check for other places, like this other than E-Mail?

  5. Cynthia Letellier

    I would like to share something with Irene.

    I have used Registry Mechanic for years, based on InfoAve Premium recommendation. Although I really don’t like all the extra features they are adding, I have never had any trouble after running the program. There is a place under each person’s account where you can go to check for them NOT to auto renew. They have it well hidden, but it’s there somewhere. Wish I could point it out exactly but at this time I don’t recall exactly where it is.

    I purchased Registry Commander and Captain Optimizer, also on InfoAve Premium recommendation. I do NOT trust Registry Commander. Twice now (the second this past week)after running it my computer would not boot. I was lucky in being able to bring things back through System Restore. I have been trying to decide whether to renew Registry Commander, or Registry Mechanic. Based on this latest incident I have decided to stick with Registry Mechanic.

    Just some information for you to ponder.

  6. Juel Hilton

    Very Interesting .Have had both programs but not now, Had a computer crash and the mechanic decided to put on a new virus protector,a wizz bang thing, without getting our consent.,($118 Grr!) too late to take it off, so until my year runs out have to stay with it.
    Have found your news letters very , very informative, and enjoy the tricks and tips.I may not always write back on each one I look at.

    A Very Merry Xmas to you both
    Keep up the good work

  7. Irene

    Thanks for the info. Cynthia. Now will have to think what do I do. Have a wonderful holiday season. God Bless Irene


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