Americans Can’t Pass the US Citizenship Test but They Can Vote

By | April 28, 2014
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Awkward: Americans can’t pass the US citizenship test

In a video posted earlier this week, members of the Immigrant Archive Project — an oral history project that collects the stories of American immigrants — did a series of “man-on-the-street” interviews with passersby in Miami.

The twist: they asked questions from the US citizenship test that every immigrant is required to take in order to naturalize. Not to spoil anything, but the people they interviewed — all of whom are native-born American citizens — didn’t fare too well:

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To put this in context, as of December 2013, 91 percent of immigrants who took the full citizenship test passed it by getting six of ten questions correct. (They’re given a list of 100 possible questions and answers to study beforehand.)

Polls of the American public show that native-born citizens aren’t exactly “A” students in civics

By contrast, of the 15 people whom the Immigrant Archive Project people interviewed, only one got six out of ten questions correct: that’s a pass rate of less than 7 percent…

Source: Vox

4 thoughts on “Americans Can’t Pass the US Citizenship Test but They Can Vote

  1. Ken Roberts

    Yes it is a sad day when more than half the country does not know who the vice president is, every one should know it is Chucky Cheese and the President is Ronald McDonald . I took a Constitutional test and passed with about 80% which I felt was bad enough to have such a low score, of course that was with a few questions I felt was out of the scope of the reason for the test . We should do better . Me included

  2. Ken Roberts

    They do not teach American history like they used to either and that could be one of the reasons for such a low score .and the civics class is also at fault . I am sure apathy counts for most of it .

  3. nmsusieq

    I just finished taking 2 self tests for citizenship. I got 88% on 50 questions. So some of us born here citizens can pass. But maybe that was because when I went to school they taught U.S. History as Ken said above.

  4. A_Hippy_Hillbillie

    What’s even more amazing is what we have at our fingertips; all the information that is available to us!!!


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