Are you a Keyboarder or a Mouser?

By | November 10, 2015
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Are you a Keyboarder or a Mouser?

The keyboard shortcuts and mouse equivalents below are for Windows 10. If you’re using something other than Windows 10 some of them will work for you, but most will not.

You're a KeyboarderYou're a Mouser
Open Settings: Windows Key + i Open Settings: Start Button --> Settings
Open Right-click Start Menu: Windows Key + XOpen Right-click Start Menu: Right-click on Start Button
Open Cortana / Search: Windows Key + C or Windows Key + S or Windows Key + QOpen Cortana / Search: Click Cortana or the Search icon on the taskbar
Open Start menu: Press the Windows KeyOpen Start menu: Click the Start button
Generate passwords in Chrome: With Chrome open Windows Key + GSorry Keyboarders, no easy keyboard options to open Chrome's Password Generator
Open Task Manager: CTRL+SHIFT+ESCOpen Task Manager: Right-click taskbar and choose Task Manager also right-click start menu & choose Task Manager.
Open File Explorer: Windows Key + EOpen File Explorer: Click File Explorer icon on the Taskbar or click Start button ---> File Explorer
Open Action Center: Windows Key + AOpen Action Center: Click the Action Center Icon in the Taskbar Notification area (by the clock).
System Information: Windows Key + Pause / Break key (does not work on some Dell keyboards.)System Information: Click Start button and right-click on File Explorer
Show all open windows: Windows Key + TabShow all open Windows: No easy way with just the mouse
Show download folder: With Chrome or Firefox open, press CTRL+JOpen Download Folder: Click start, click File Explorer, Click Downloads folder. Or use our tip to add Downloads folder to your start menu.

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