Are you hard to please? This new Web mail service may be right up your inbox

By | December 17, 2011
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Yahoo Mail is pretty bad. HotMail is not so hot. We like Gmail but it can take some getting used to. Some of you don’t like Gmail because it’s different. To each his own.

Yahoo Mail charges for Pop3/IMAP access. Yes we know there are ways around this but none of them are very good. Hotmail can be accessed via Windows Live Mail but that’s a problem for some. Gmail can be accessed from just about any email program on any device – smartphone, tablet, computer, laptop. netbook, PDA.

Now there’s a new game in town. It’s called GMX. Why? We don’t know. It just is. We’ve tested it and it really is very nice. If you’re looking for alternatives to Yahoo Mail, Hotmail and Gmail – you might really like GMX. It allows you to access your email with almost any email program (Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, IncrediMail, Thunderbird, Eudora, etc. and really nice setup instructions are included) free of charge. Plus GMX gives you unlimited spaced for your email and you can send and receive attachments up to 50MB. You can access your other email accounts in GMX too. But the icing on the cake is that it’s free – and the filling in the cake is that you can create up to ten “aliases” for every GMX account you create.

You know, no one can tell you more about GMX than those who created GMX. So we’re going to let them close out this ramble right now, or PDQ and GMX may say:

“We’ll show you how easy it is to get started and take full advantage of your GMX Mail account.

Getting started with GMX is a breeze.

Free IMAP and POP3 access to your mailbox so that you can check e-mail anytime with any desktop program (Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, or Thunderbird) or your smart phone

Unlimited email storage and attachments up to 50 MB
Excellent support if you have any questions
An informative forum where you get feedback for every kind of questions
State-of-the-art spam and virus protection

The protection of your privacy is a key benefit of GMX Mail. Your privacy is guaranteed by our superior SSL encryption system. We never scan your e-mails for advertising purposes or share your account details with third parties.

To protect your inbox from junk mail, GMX Spam Protection uses 7 innovative and powerful anti-spam tools. If you’re checking e-mail via POP3, you can choose to receive a daily spam report and customize your spam list.

In addition, GMX Virus Protection automatically checks all incoming and outgoing e-mails and attachments to protect you from viruses. If one is infected, you will be notified immediately. GMX uses Symantec’s first-class anti-virus engine, which is updated continuously to provide you with maximum security….”

Interested? Get your free account or learn more about GMX by visiting . Hopefully you’ll be pleased. If not, we’ll keep the light on for ya!

6 thoughts on “Are you hard to please? This new Web mail service may be right up your inbox

  1. John in Oz

    GMX is EXCELLENT in comparison to Gmail, Hotmail,& Yahoomail.
    User features are clear, simple, precise and ‘operating the electronic vehicle’ is EASY!
    TC & EB, another well-chosen programme,
    Thank you !

  2. Gordon Wales

    I have spent the entire afternoon attempting to get an email account with GMX. BUT, though I put my password request in over and over, and though I type it out letter by letter, at a snails space for them, each and every time I am told they do not match. Having been a touch typist for almost 70 years I was a bit miffed. When, and this happened about 8 times, they were finally satisfied that I had at last got it right, I was informed that my request could not be dealt with at this moment but to keep trying. So I go and do it all over again, and again, and again. Same outcome. I even wrote them to say Cloudeight had given them a glowing report, but they have not replied, and, of course, I do not expect them to. I may sound paranoid, but for some reason it would appear I am a persona non gratis. I wonder if there are others who have been put through this charade? I am amazed, to say the least, that a site that must want people to use them can be so blatantly abrupt and rude. I am also upset for a practical reason, because I am fed up with Thunderbird, and was incredibly taken by your review and high praise, and thought I had now found the kind of site I had been looking for.

    I have followed your suggestions and reviews with much admiration for years, and received great advice from them, and I just hoped this was another. No criticism of you, I assure you.

    Anyway, I got that off my chest. I’ll give the site another go and then forget it. – Really like Cloudeight and Thundercloud, top notch! Sincerely, Gordon Wales

    1. infoave Post author

      There’s no secret. They have over 12 million users and I’ve created several accounts with GMX without any issues at all. I can only assume that if 12 million have accounts there – and GMX has won awards from USA Today, PC World, Maximum PC and others – that either your browser settings are set to high security (which renders a lot of pages useless) or you have javascript disabled (which renders a lot of sites useless) or you using some sort of security program which is interfering with your browser — or simply that GMX was having server issues when you tried to sign up.

      All I can say is that it worked as well as any other sign-up site I’ve tried — including Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail and the others…

      I’d suggest you check your browser settings and make sure you’re settings are not set to “high” security. This might sound like a good idea – but that’s only going to result in you missing many things on the Web which are not dangerous but useful and/or fun. You should try again in case GMX was having server issues too.

  3. Jack

    I registered two gmx emails, but both of them not work. I tried many times to send out emails, but always get feedback of “Error”. What’s the problem?

    1. infoave Post author

      I would guess you didn’t set it up correctly in your email program. We have GMX accounts and they work find in Outlook, Windows Live Mail – and even on iPad and Kindle Fire. They have millions of users and if it didn’t work – they wouldn’t right? Please make sure you’ve entered the correct data for POP and SMTP – or IMAP. Whichever you chose.


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