Assumptions and Whims and Hopes

By | April 20, 2017
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Assumptions and Whims and Hopes

We are all, I think, a little bit crazy. We live our lives based on assumptions and insubstantial whims and hopes. We think that everything will always be as it is; we take no thought when we do everyday things that it may be the last time we ever do them.

We get up in the morning and we leave for work and assume we will return home again that evening. We leave on business trips and assume we’ll return when our work is done. We leave our loved ones, our children, our best friends, assuming we will see them again. We become complacent in our assumptions – yet our individual worlds are as insubstantial as the clouds which float over our heads; and as fleeting as a precious summer day.

We assume we’ll see the sunrise tomorrow morning. We assume we’ll be home for dinner tonight. We assume our children will grow up and have families of their own. We assume we will retire and we will die someday having lived a full and fruitful life. We assume even that tomorrow will come and it will be the way we want it to be. That it will be the natural continuation of today. One day into the next day and into the next one – the perfect, flowing river of life – everything flowing smoothly – assuming that everything good will come our way – and that bad and sad things only happen to others. Until they happen to us, of course.

We hope for the best for our families and our friends. We hope our children have better lives and more success than we did. We spend money on whims and flights of fancy. We assume that all will turn out well, but we all know that sometimes things won’t.

And there are some who – in nature’s attempt to bring balance to life, I guess – assume that every day will bring a new tragedy, a new disappointment, a new calamity. But even these forlorn people assume that there will be a tomorrow; they assume, at least,  they will get up in the morning. They may live in trepidation over what the next day may bring, but they do assume tomorrow will come nevertheless.

Whether you and I  are the kind of people who assume the best, or the kind of people who assume the worst, every one of us lives a life of assumptions, hopes and sometimes whims. Life is a series of assumptions, seasoned with hopes and dreams, whims, and sometimes fears and worries. And some days are filled with all of these – all stirred up into a odd porridge of individual lives, and subtly weaved by the hand of chance into a tapestry we call life.

Even our society driven by assumptions. Society is driven by the assumptions every one of us makes. Society reflects our assumptions, as well as our hopes, whims, desires and needs. As we change as individuals it is reflected in the fabric of society; the society in which we all must live.

We are foolish in our assumptions, yet without them we could not live – or even function. We assume that those who love us today will love us tomorrow and the next day – and the next month and the next year. Time gets lost in the assumptions and we are surprised when our assumptions lead us astray.

We are crazy and we are foolish – and this is exactly the way we were meant to be. Living life on the wings of assumptions – wings gilded with hope and dreams, and whims,  sometimes countermanded  by fear. We can only assume that what is true today will be true tomorrow, but sometimes the truth of today can be twisted like ornamental iron foreshadowing the lies we may hear tomorrow.

Hold on to what you believe, and assume that tomorrow will bring better things than today. Assume the best and prepare for the worst. The world is both a beautiful and ugly place. It is full of people just like you and I, all living life based on assumptions. People who assume and dream and hope and then die. And there are people too who live only to steal your dreams, kill your hopes and destroy your assumptions. And you will never know, for sure, who those people are. We all wear masks, and no one is real. Yet it is also true that everything you can imagine is real. So imagine beautiful things. Assume that great things will happen. Assume tomorrow will come. If it doesn’t, will it even matter?

Assume then that the love you feel today will be stronger and deeper tomorrow. To assume otherwise is to destroy today.

Keep your faith. Keep your hopes. Allow yourself your whims and flights of fancy. Hope for the best and assume all will be well.

Hopes and dreams and faith and assumptions are all part of life. Hope for the best for those you love and love them with all your heart. Always remember your love will always outlive you. Love is the only thing you can leave behind that will last forever. Maybe the greatest truth of all is that love is the only truth.

Assumptions, and hopes and whims are all part of our lives. Don’t dwell on them. Live and love well.

3 thoughts on “Assumptions and Whims and Hopes

  1. Jeanne

    For years I had been one to ‘assume’ a lot in my life as well as those of my family and friends. That is until I really started getting older. I was just telling my daughter the other day that when I was in my teens, maybe early twenties as well, I felt I would live forever or at least I wouldn’t become old for a lot of years. I guess you could say that was true but now I am soon turning 67 and as my Father used to say, I ask: “Where did the years go?” I hadn’t experienced a lot of loss of beloved family members and friends like others I had known over the years. I guess I was truly fortunate. I even often thought , “why am I and my family so lucky and others not?” I realise now I shouldn’t have been too concerned with why that was and just been more thankful. I assumed for years that things would go on as usual until I (and of course other family members) started experiencing the loss of loved ones, and to me it feels, for lack of a better way to express it, a sort of coundown in my life. I totally agree with you, love as much as you can, whether it be family or friends or the animal who gives you so much pleasure. For the first five years after the loss of my husband, I had just been going through the motions of daily life but I am now in the sixth year and I have finally realised that I am the only one who is totally responsible for how I fill in the time I have left on this earth. I was dependent on someone else to help make me happy and didn’t get the fact that it starts with oneself, it’s in you. I’ll still have my whims, hopes and fantasies though I will try not to dwell.

  2. Laurali Marzuki

    All your essays are wonderful, and this one is especially so. Loved it.
    Jeanne, your reply is perfect too.

  3. Wendy Fallscheer

    Was as usual another beautiful essay, I feel you must be a very special person. I have all your essays stored.
    I lost my husband 4 weeks ago , I am happy that he is no longer suffering but am finding it difficult to cope- you are so right love is the only thing that survives, and I have been extremely lucky in all of my family and of 60 years with a wonderful man.
    Thank you for all your essays, please keep them coming.


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