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By | April 6, 2011
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Karen asks about a freeware service and browser add-on called Awesomehighlighter
Thank you so much for providing us with such helpful information ,I thought this site would be really helpful and beneficial, now I haven’t downloaded it, but would love to try it, but thought maybe you would like to check it out, it is something we could all use and its free, you just highlight the info on whatever site and send it off, well if you get a chance to look at it ,and you share it with the freeware on Infoave, then I know its safe: .

Our Answer
Hey there, Karen, we checked it out for you and others who might be interested and this is what we found:

Awesomehighlighter works like a real highlighter pen, you select text with your cursor (which turns into a yellow marking pen) and the selected text appears with a yellow highlight. When you’re done selecting the text, you can do one of several things:

  1. You can email the selected text, along with a link to the page, to a friend or several friends.
  2. You can share the page link on Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, or Delicious.
  3. You can click “Copy” and paste to your Windows Clipboard so you can email it, add it to your blog, or social networking page.

Their privacy policy is short and straight forward and exceptions are noted (the text you select and page URL are stored on their servers but no personal information about you is attached to it, so it’s completely anonymous). We don’t see anything wrong with Awesomehighlighter at this time.

So, Karen, keep on highlighting. Firefox users: You can download Awesomehighlighter as a Firefox add-on and take it with you. Internet Explorer users will have to visit to use the service.

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