Be in top form when filling out web forms

By | September 1, 2011
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When you are filling out web forms, did you know if you put your information in the wrong form field – for instance, you put your name in the email field – don’t delete it. Did you know that you can highlight it and drag it to the correct field. You won’t have to retype it. Think about it: you normally would highlight the incorrect input anyway, so now all you have to do is highlight and drag it to the right place in the web form.

So, next time you enter your name in email field or your email in the name field, etc., don’t highlight and delete, highlight and drag it to where it belongs.

More form tips? OK here you go!

1. Use the tab key to go from one field (blank box, or whatever you want to call it ) to the next instead of having to use your mouse.

2. Use shift-tab to move you backwards in the form

3. If you are in an area with a drop down box, you can type the first letter of the choices to select it. This is handy when you encounter a long list such as a list of states or countries. Here’s an example: If you are in Michigan, you can click m key until Michigan appears (since more then one state starts with the letter m), with Michigan selected from the list, press the Enter key.

4. Use the up/down arrow box to go through options on a form in a drop down menu.

5. If you are using tab key to get from one form field to the next, and you come to a box to check, you can check it by clicking your space bar. click the space bar again to remove the check.

If you are filling out a form and you have used that entry before on almost any web form, (i.e. name, address, etc), click the blank area twice and all prior entries will show.

One thought on “Be in top form when filling out web forms

  1. Marchien

    Thank you. This is very helpful. I get so aggravated when I make mistakes filling out forms and have to go back and re-do. Now it will be much easier.


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