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By | March 23, 2012
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I want to tell you that if you were born after 1811 you can use this site. EB was the first one to test this site and she told me it didn’t work for her since she was born in ought nine — 1809 that is. She’s had numerous facelifts and a lot of plastic surgery, but she looks ever bit her age to me.

For the rest of us folks born after 1811 – which is 99.9999% of us — you’ll find this site a hoot – an interesting hoot. How many seconds old are you? How many months have you stalked the Earth? How old would you be if you were a dog? How much heat would all those candles on your next birthday cake generate. What day were you conceived? What day of the week where you born. What’s the date of your birth on the Mayan calendar?

See? You don’t know much about your birthday I tells ya! I’m going to tell you how to find out more about the day you were born than you could possibly want to know.

I’d bring in the author yammer ebullient about his site but he has absolutely nothing to say. Honest. Don’t you wish we were more like him?

You’ll just have to go find out for yourself about this Cloudeight Website Pick. It’s called Birthday Calculator. Visit the Birthday Calculator and enter your birth month, day and year and press “Submit”. You’ll be treated to more information about the day you were born than you’ll ever need to know. But it’s fun and sometimes it’s good to have fun. So have fun! Go to .

Remember — don’t be like EB and waste your time. If you were born prior to 1812 you can’t use this site.

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  1. John vukovic

    The site says “Service Unavailable” Whats up with that???


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