Breaking News: A book review

By | July 20, 2014
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We like to surprise you once in a while. Today, we’re going to surprise you with a book review by TC. Many of you like to read and many of you read digital editions on Kindle, Android tablets, Windows PC (using Kindle, Nook or other apps). For some reason more people read books in the summer than in the winter, although I don’t know why that would be true — that’s what they say, whoever they are.

Before we get to the review, I read the Kindle digital from Amazon. We don’t get a penny from Amazon for recommending this book, and  you can find this book for Nook and formatted for other readers too. I know you are skeptical that there is something in this for me, but alas there is still some good in the world — this is a good book:

Breaking News: A Novel [Kindle Edition]

by J. D. Rader and, Michael Gudgell

What I liked best about this book was its message about our increasingly superficial society and the entertainment (news) industry that coddles, feeds and encourages it.

The characters are believable; the authors developed each character thoughtfully and carefully. I ended up detesting some of the characters and liking others. At times I even found myself wishing I had a friend like Bill (you’ll see).

With the underlying social commentary, interesting plot twists, truly great characters, and rather surprising ending, this book was much than I expected it to be. I thoroughly enjoyed it and couldn’t put it down.

Many times when I’m reading one of the free Kindle books, I don’t expect much and read it with a critical eye. Many of the free Kindle books are replete with grammatical errors and sometimes sophomoric writing. But not Breaking News. From the beginning to end, “Breaking News” reads like a professionally-written novel. I’ve paid a lot of money for books that are not nearly as good as this one.

Whether you like political thrillers or detective novels or not, I urge you to read this book. You won’t regret it. The hero is genuine; a nice guy who finds himself in a dead-end life, full of sorrow, misery and uncertainty. He’s lost his wife and his only child because 15 years ago he made some poor choices. I think you, like me, will find a little of yourself in Bill. But in the end, he learned from his mistakes, stayed true to himself, and finally moved on with his life.

There are a lot of messages in this book. And while it’s not a moralistic novel, its undercurrent of right and wrong, its subtle way of pointing out some of our skewed societal values, and the way this book makes you think about the way things are will stay with you long after you’ve finished reading this book.

Great story. Great writing.  Great book.


Get a copy in the digital format of your choice for less than $5.  Also available as a paperback.

3 thoughts on “Breaking News: A book review

  1. Nora

    Thanks for the review. I think a “Book Review” should be a monthly feature of Information Avenue. Even a short review helps in deciding whether a book is worth putting back on the shelf or picking up. There are so many good new authors out there that a feature like this would be encouraging to them all.

  2. Sue

    Hi guys……..As soon as I read your review, I ordered this book. I’m about 1/3 of the way through it…….and it’s great! I agree with Nora…….it would be interesting for you to do a monthly review on a book. I’m always looking for honest reviews on books before I order them for my Kindle……thanks!


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