Case Sensitive

By | September 23, 2011
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Sometimes you feel like a case, sometimes you don’t. Just in case you do, how about a case of beer? I need one because I really think EB is a nutcase. But just in case you think we are lawyers and we’ve lost this case, let me explain, just in case you thought we were lawyers. In no case are we lawyers. But we do have a case and we’ll try to make this case a very brief case. EB does carry a briefcase by-the-way.

Yes you have! You have seen this “Back to Basics” before, but in this CAse we think a lot of people still don’t underStaND that Thomas is not the same as THOMAS or ThOMaS. Really. It might be Thomas to you, but not to those places where Thomas is your user name. Usernames are almost always case sensitive. And so are passwords. So just in CaSe yOU forGot this, let us make our case:

YOu aLl KnOw whAt cAse senSitiVe meaNs riGht? It means that letters in uppercase and lowercase are two different characters in case sensitive applications. For example, on most sites that require logins passwords are almost always case sensitive. And sometimes your user ID or username is also case sensitive. And the same is often true of software registrations. If your software registration information says David Cooper and your key is VK174-7144-2868-MM72, you must enter David Cooper, not david cooper or DAVID COOPER. The registration key is registered to the name David Cooper, not david cooper or DAVID COOPER. Computers don’t have a “that’s-close-enough” type brain like people do.

Case sensitive always means that a “v” is different than a “V” – so different in fact that they are considered two completely different characters. Most all software program registrations are also case sensitive, so always use care when entering login data or program registrations that you enter them exactly – lowercase as lowercase and uppercase as uppercase – just in case.

But, did you know that email addresses and web site URLS are not case sensitive. YOURUSERID@YOURDOMAIN.COM is the same as which is the same as yOurUseRiD@YOuRdOmaIN.cOM . Email addresses are like Burger King – you can type them your way – to a point. You still have to type them correctly. And did you know that is the same as HTTP://THUNDERCLOUD.NET or even http://ThuNdeRclouD.nEt ?

Want another case in point? Nah! Case closed. Now I’m off to buy a case. Or tWo. HoW aBoUt yOu? EB take your briefcase and go someWherE eLSe!

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