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Wake Up Yahoo: You’re the Security Problem… Not Me!

Wake Up Yahoo: You’re the Security Problem… Not Me! Introduction A while back, we published an article urging those with Yahoo accounts to close their accounts and get a Gmail account or an account. We still recommend that you cancel your Yahoo account by following the instructions here.  However knowing that many will continue… Read More »

An Old Man and the Dog

An Old Man and the Dog I see an old man walking slowly down the sidewalk; he is walking a small dog on a leash. The old man is hunched and barely able to walk. The small brown and white dog isn’t barking. He’s trying to walk as slowly as the old man who is tightly… Read More »

Waiting for the Bus

Waiting for the Bus I’m quite sure you’ve noticed how slow time passes when you’re waiting for something. I guess it really depends on what you’re waiting for. If you’re waiting for something wonderful to happen, time passes slowly; if you’re waiting for something bad to happen, then time flies. It’s all connected, I think,… Read More »

My Anti Super Bowl Party…

Come to My Anti Super Bowl Party… Let’s Watch “Leave it to Beaver” Instead! For one brief but ugly moment last week I deserted the cynic inside me. I left the comfort of cynicism intoxicated by the sweet poison of hope. Don’t worry. I’m back in full vigor now. No more rose-colored glasses for me.… Read More »

Down on the Farm Revisited

Down on the Farm Revisited These are the dog days of winter and there is not much to do in my pathetic, little town. I suppose it’s all relative. Some folks find plenty to do indoors. I saw a bunch of people the other day standing around in Walmart watching them tearing down Santa Claus… Read More »

Thank You So Much

Thank You So Much Last Monday we began our semi-annual donation drive. Twice each year we run a donation drive campaign to help us through times when things are normally slower. Your response is more than we could have hoped for – you came through for us again. Without your support things would be much… Read More »