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Thank You So Much

Thank You So Much Last Monday we began our semi-annual donation drive. Twice each year we run a donation drive campaign to help us through times when things are normally slower. Your response is more than we could have hoped for – you came through for us again. Without your support things would be much… Read More »


Preface: This essay was written in 2008 and it remains one of our favorites. We’ve made some changes to it. We keep updating it. It is now more a short story than an essay. Every time we re-read it we are reminded of the truly important things in life. Maybe after reading it, you too will… Read More »


Winter The Christmas decorations are packed away for another year. The streets that were bright with lights and decorations have faded back to their dark and cold countenance. It’s no longer Christmastime. It’s no longer “the Holidays”. It’s now just winter – and it’s time I faced up to it. Winter is death incarnate. Its… Read More »

A New Year’s Carol 2017

A New Year’s Carol 2017 I am one who adores Christmas, but despises “New Year’s” and all that comes with it. You may wish to call me the “Scrooge” of New Year’s and if that’s your mind, then so be it. New Year’s Eve? Bah! Humbug! It always seems to me that the day after… Read More »

New Year’s Eve In My Boring Life

New Year’s Eve In My Boring Life If you like pointed hats, confetti, and cocktails, then I suggest you not read any further; for I am the Ebenezer Scrooge of New Year’s Eve. If there were such things as ghosts of New Year’s past, present and future, they certainly would have haunted me by now.… Read More »