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Windows 10 Screenshots

Windows 10 Screenshots There are dozens and dozens of Windows programs that make it easy to take screenshots… some free and some not… some really fantastic with a lot of features, others not so hot. But for Windows 10 users who need to take a quick screenshot who don’t have any 3rd-party screenshot software, it’s… Read More »

Have You Tried Windows 10’s Photos App Yet?

Have You Tried Windows 10’s Photos App Yet? Since the passing of Google’s Picasa and Windows Live Photo Gallery, we have been receiving a lot of questions from readers asking about a replacement photo manager. Today, after receiving another email asking this question, we began to wonder if we were overlooking something. Were we missing… Read More »

Millions of Public Domain Images Now Available Online

Awesomeness: Millions Of Public Domain Images Being Put Online Here’s some nice news. Kalev Leetaru has been liberating a ton of public domain images from books and putting them all on Flickr. He’s been going through Internet Archive scans of old, public domain books, isolating the images, and turning them into individual images. Because, while the books and… Read More »