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Emsisoft Receives Another Award

Emsisoft Receives Another Award A few years back, after Malwarebytes and Windows Security Essentials both let users down ( see our articles on Malwarebytes here and here ) we began testing other antimalware and antivirus solutions. After several weeks of intense testing, we found Emsisoft protected computers better than any other security product we tested. But… Read More »

Windows 10 World Clock, Timers, Stopwatch and Alarms

Windows 10 World Clock, Timers, Stopwatch and Alarms It’s a new year and a time to think about time. Keeping track of time, counting time, counting down time, do we ever have enough time? Windows 10 has an app that makes it easy for you to set up a world clock. timers, alarms and more.… Read More »

2017’s Worst Passwords

2017’s Worst Passwords We have written numerous articles, like this one, on why using strong passwords is so important. Unfortunately, apparently many people don’t take us (and many others) seriously. The top 3 passwords for 2017 and the same top three passwords for 2015 and 2016 also. 123456 Password 12345678 Really? None of you are… Read More »

Got Gift Cards? Want Cash?

Got Gift Cards? Want Cash? If you received gift cards for Christmas, but would rather have the cash, we’ve found 3 sites that can help you turn your unwanted/unneeded gift cards into cash. We not recommending one site over the other, we’re listing them in alphabetical order with descriptions directly from the developer. All of… Read More »