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Microsoft Support Scams are Alive and Well

Microsoft Tech Support Scams are Alive and Well The Microsoft tech support scams are on the loose again. In the past week we had five emails from people who were tricked into calling a fake Microsoft number. The fact is that these “Your computer is infected – call this number” popups are simply advertisements superbly… Read More »

Cloudeight InfoAve Premium – Issue #751 – Available Online

Cloudeight InfoAve Premium – Issue #751 – Available Online If you’re not a subscriber to  Cloudeight InfoAve Premium Newsletter, please join us. It’s delivered to your inbox every Friday and it’s completely free! Subscribe right now! Our Cloudeight InfoAve Premium, Issue #751, was sent to all subscribers on Friday March 2, 2018 at approximately 8:50… Read More »

Privacy Badger: Your Badger of Privacy

Privacy Badger: The Badger of Privacy We think “Do Not Track” browser features and browser add-ons are pretty much worthless – they assume that everything and everyone is tracking you for evil purposes and thus they block everything regardless of who or what it is, who it is , even it may be beneficial. Yes,… Read More »

Strong Passwords Made Easy

Strong Passwords Made Easy We have preached and preached about using a good password manager like LastPass (or pick any good password manager) to create and manage passwords,. But we have finally realized that many of you are still not using a password manager and you’re never going to. But we can’t begin to tell… Read More »