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Check Your Router to Make Sure It’s Hacker-free

Check Your Router to Make Sure It’s Hacker-free You’re doing everything right – using good security software,  a strong Wi-Fi network password so you’re safe, right. Well, probably. Hackers are nothing if not innovative and they can break into a router using what’s known as DNS-hijacking.  And if your router is compromised, so are all… Read More »

Windows 10 Spring Creators Update & a Cloudeight Poll

Windows 10 Spring Creators Update Is Microsoft running out of names or are they fixated on the word “Creators”?  Whatever the reason is, the next Windows 10 version update (version 1803) looks like it will be called “Spring Creators Update” and will be released sometime in April 2018. Windows 10 Spring Creators update will bring… Read More »

IRS Scams and Tech Support Scams

IRS Scams & Tech Support Scams It’s tax season here in the USA and that means not only do you have to be careful about tech-support / your-computer-is-infected telephone scams, this time of year you have to worry about tax scams and folks impersonating IRS officials. An IRS agent is not going to call you… Read More »