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Every week we feature a freeware program that meets our very high standards. All freeware picks are free for home & personal use and contain no spyware or adware and do not bundle other applications with them.

Our freeware picks are the best of the best…

How’s Your Hard drive?

How’s Your Hard drive? That’s a great question, and one that’s not always easy to answer. To be fair, hard drive manufacturers have vastly improved hard drive reliability over the years both with standard drives and solid state drives (SSDs), Most hard drives these days are S.M.A.R.T. That does not mean the same thing as… Read More »

Windows CleanUp! A Trip Down Memory Lane

Windows CleanUp! A Trip Down Memory Lane We had a question sent to us this week by Frank, a Cloudeight subscriber. Frank asked if we still recommend a program we recommended long ago, called Windows CleanUp! So,  I rummaged through some old programs and and found Windows CleanUp! – the program that EB & I… Read More »

Grammar Police

Grammar Police a.k.a. Grammar Cops & Comma Clout I have long been the target of grammar police and pedantic readers who take me to task for my use — or misuse — of the English language. Someone asked me once, if English was my second language. Obviously not, I retorted, I’ve speaked English since I… Read More »


Inflation-O-Meter This is an odd ball tip, but it’s something most everyone (at least here in the USA) will find interesting. Have you ever wondered what inflation has done to our dollar? There’s a site where you can see how much $100 in today’s money would be worth, let’s say, in 1960’s money. If you’re… Read More »