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Search One Billion Pictures

Where Did That Picture Come From? Search One Billion Pictures and Find Out! There are 1,267,490,238,449,831 pictures on the Internet – I’m just being facetious. One of them belongs to EB. Now you think an upstanding lady like EB would use her real picture on NotOverTheHill, wouldn’t you? But NOOOOO! If you do a reverse look-up on… Read More »

💔Do you love emoji?💕

💔Do you love Emoji?💋 Today I did something I haven’t done since the day I met EB – I had 🙋 fun! I was doing Cloudeight Direct Computer Care sessions today and dazzling people 👪 with my large repertoire of Emoji.  You’re probably dazzled 🎆 too. Back in the day, we called these things “Emoticons” or “Smileys” and… Read More »

Do You Like Free Fonts

We both love free fonts – because we’re broke and old and goofy. But you don’t have to be broke, old, or goofy to like free fonts. No ma’am. No sir. Anyone can love free fonts and lot of you do. You gotta be careful these days with some of the font sites out there… Read More »