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Every week we feature a freeware program that meets our very high standards. All freeware picks are free for home & personal use and contain no spyware or adware and do not bundle other applications with them.

Our freeware picks are the best of the best…

Spotlight Wallpapers

    Spotlight Wallpapers Windows Store App for Windows 10 (any version) Spotlight Wallpapers is a very simple free app you can get from the Windows store. Spotlight Wallpapers makes it easy to get new wallpapers almost every day. You can either download the wallpaper images or set an image as your desktop wallpaper or… Read More »

Puran File Recovery: A Cloudeight Freeware Pick

    Puran File Recovery:  A Cloudeight Freeware Pick Most Windows users know that when you delete a file it’s not really erased. Windows does a little sleight-of-hand and marks the space occupied by the deleted file as free space – and therefore available for Windows to use. So, even when you empty the recycle… Read More »