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Every week we feature a freeware program that meets our very high standards. All freeware picks are free for home & personal use and contain no spyware or adware and do not bundle other applications with them.

Our freeware picks are the best of the best…


Vivaldi Many of you probably know Vivaldi, he’s the composer whose most famous for “The Four Seasons” (not the 50’s- 60’s rock group). Vivaldi is a also a browser. Just what we need, another browser right? Well, some of us like to try new things, and if you’re one of them, then you might want… Read More »

What the Heck Does Kernel Mean?

What the Heck Does Kernel Mean? I asked EB what she thought a kernel was and she, being from the south, said she often gets kernels of corn stuck between her teeth. And I said, nicely, “NOOOO! Not that kind of kernel!” She said…”OH! Sorry. You mean like Kernel Sanders!” I said, “NOOO! That kind… Read More »