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143 Million U.S. Consumers Affected by Equifax Data Breach

143 Million U.S. Consumers Affected by Equifax Data Breach Equifax is one of the “big three” credit reporting agencies. So, even if you don’t do business with Equifax directly, they know your business. Equifax knows all about you: Your credit card numbers, your social security number, your home address, your phone number(s), the banks you… Read More »

Another Global Ransomware Attack is Under Way

The following article was written by and is provided courtesy of our friends at Emsisoft. We thought you’d be interested to know that another ransomware attack has been launched worldwide. Those of you who are using Emsisoft are protected from this and other virulent ransomware and malware. Here’s the article from Emsisoft… so you’ll be… Read More »

Emsisoft Protects You From the WCry Ransomware Pandemic

Emsisoft Protects You From the Current WCry Ransomware Pandemic The WCry or WannaCry ransomware is wreaking havoc on tens of thousands of computers around the world including the giant Spanish telecom Telefonica and the National Health Service in the United Kingdom. WCry is also known as WNCry, WannaCry, WanaCrypt0r or Wana Decrypt0r. It was found in… Read More »

Beware of the Google Chrome ‘Missing Font’ Hack

Beware of the Google Chrome ‘Missing Font’ Hack PLEASE NOTE: EMSISOFT USERS ARE PROTECTED FROM THIS HACK. This week a very well executed malware attack aimed at users who visit compromised web sites was found by Mahmoud Al-Qudsi of NeoSmart Technologies. The hack tries to trick users into believing the reason why the font on… Read More »

Yahoo says hackers stole info from 500 million user accounts

For several years now, we’ve been warning Yahoo users against using Yahoo services, because of lax security and, in our opinion, failing to update  hardware and software to protect its users from privacy violations. Now it comes to light that a half-billion Yahoo users have had their Yahoo accounts hacked. Here’s the story from The Washington… Read More »