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Check Your Internet Speed FAST!

Check Your Internet Speed FAST! There are many reliable (or fairly reliable) ways to check your Internet connection speed. Probably dozens of them. The easiest way is to type Speedtest in the address bar of Chrome or Firefox and press Enter. You’ll see some information and a “Run Speed Test” button. Now, my ISP told… Read More »

USB Troubleshooter for Windows

USB Troubleshooter for Windows Works with  Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 Sometimes USB devices have problems and when that happens it can be frustrating. We’re big fans of choosing the simplest fix first. Why? Because it saves time. If the simplest fix doesn’t work, then you still have the opportunity to roll up… Read More »

Uninstall Programs Using Settings, Apps & Features

Uninstall Programs Using Settings, Apps & Features We generally use Geek Uninstaller, Revo Uninstaller, or HiBit Uninstaller when we uninstall programs. But sometimes, when we think the app won’t leave too many traces behind,  or we’re just feeling lazy, we  uninstall the program the old fashioned way using Control Panel / Programs / Uninstall a… Read More »

Beware the Adobe Flash Player Bundle

Beware the Adobe Flash Player Bundle If you’re using a browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer where Flash Player is still an add-on… heads up! Adobe has long played games with its installer. They used to try to trick you into installing McAfee Site Adviser. But now Adobe and McAfee have teamed up to make… Read More »

How’s Your Laptop Battery?

How’s Your Laptop Battery? This tip is for Windows 10 (all versions) Today, we’re going to show you an easy way to check your laptop battery . You’ll be  able to see how the battery’s charge capacity has changed since your laptop (or battery) was new.  Like most rechargeable batteries, laptop batteries capacity and performance… Read More »