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Basic Windows 10 Screenshot Tips

    Basic Windows 10 Screenshot tips There are many — many even hundreds — of programs for Windows that make it easy to take screenshots… some free and some not… some simple and some not… some really fantastic with a lot of features, others not so hot. If you have one you like, great.… Read More »

Bonus Questions and Answers #1

    Bonus Questions and Answers #1 Each week we receive more questions than we can answer in the newsletter due to space restrictions. We try to answer every question that we get but we don’t have room to put all the questions and answers in our InfoAve Premium newsletter.  We thought we’d try something… Read More »

Windows 10 Cumulative Update KB4515384 Causing User Misery

    Cumulative Update KB4515384 Causing Headaches for Windows 10 Users A Windows 10 cumulative update released on September 10, 2019, is causing problems for many Windows 10 Users. Microsoft acknowledges that cumulative update KB4515384 is causing audio problems as well as network adapter problems. Those who have installed KB4515384 are also reporting that the… Read More »