Clean up your computer with our old, trusted friend – A Cloudeight Freeware Pick

By | November 26, 2011
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We were struck by nostalgia last night. I was going through some old programs and came upon one that EB and I used to refer to as “the toilet-flusher” program. If you download, install and run it, you’ll see why. Otherwise, you’ll just have to imagine whatever you will.

I promised EB that I was going to stop yammering and start trying to be pithy. You don’t know how hard that is for me. I’m a yammerer – it’s in my jeans genes. I’ve been a prattler since I was in grade school; it’s really hard to teach an old dog new tricks. See?

Anyway, as I was pondering weak and weary over many a program I’d forgotten long before,
There can a bleating, a tinny beeping, a toilet-flushing sound I swore….

Indeed, it was my old-standby, CleanUp! by Stephen Gould. Stephen has been around the Web as long as we have. As I dusted off CleanUp and used it for the first time in years (on Vista, by the way) I was impressed with how fast it was compared to other clean-up program I’ve tried. CCleaner has become bloated and slow – it takes it a long time to get rid of large amounts of waste and junk. But, the old CleanUp program? It’s as fast as ever. Lightning fast. When I clean up my computer at night, I just want to go to bed. I don’t want to wait for CCleaner to tell me there’s yet another update – or wait around for ten minutes while it cleans my computer – I just want to clean my computer and get some sleep. You know what I mean.

Yes I’m yammering again. I’m sorry.

We’re going to let Stephen Gould save the day for you and let you escape my incessant tendency to wordiness: Stephen, our old friend, take it away:

“CleanUp! is a powerful and easy-to-use application that removes temporary files created while surfing the web, empties the Recycle Bin, deletes files from your temporary folders and more.

CleanUp! frees disk space and reduces the “clutter” on your computer helping it to run more efficiently. It also can be used as a way to protect your privacy on the Internet. You can even instruct CleanUp! to securely delete files making it impossible to retrieve their contents using lower-level disk tools – just another way of protecting your privacy.

No gimmicks here, CleanUp! is so easy to set up and use that you’ll have a lean, clean, mean machine in minutes….”

While Stephen hasn’t updated this program in a long time we’ve tested it on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 (32/64 bit) and it works just fine. It’s fast, it’s simple, it’s amusing – and it’s free.

If you’re looking for a fun, easy-to-use program that does just what it says it does, then you’ll love CleanUp! The first time you run it, you’ll get a laugh too. Learn more about CleanUp! and/or download it from this page. It’s our nostalgic-ridden pick for is an official Cloudeight freeware pick..

So what’s the skinny?

Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit)
(Officially for Windows XP and earlier)
Windows Cleaner Program
Download size: 332KB

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    1. infoave Post author

      It is and has been freeware since 1999. You’re not clicking the right links – at the bottom of the article. You have to be careful what you click.


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