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By | May 24, 2012
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We’ve now helped hundreds of people with their computers since we started our Cloudeight Direct Service! Thanks for the opportunity and for letting us help you!

We all know that sooner or later our computers are going to start having problems. We can help you with any computer need — from diagnosing and fixing Windows problems – to setting up a wireless network for you – to safeguarding by creating an image-based backup (the only kind that really works when you really need it to work) – to cleaning up your computer and optimizing it — and more. We can do almost anything you need done and we guarantee our work – you’re either satisfied or we’ll refund your money.

Compare our Prices and Experience!

We’d like to show you how our current prices compare to a leading computer repair service. And remember – Geek Squad “technicians” get two-weeks of training, but we’ve been helping people with their computers for over 12 years.

Cloudeight Internet

*Our computer tune up is a complete tune up – unlike the 10-minute tune-up Geek Squad offers for $49.99. Wish we could feel good about making $49.99 in ten minutes :-).We offer many other computer services too! If you have a problem with your computer – we can fix it! .

Get more information and lock-in our current pricing by getting your Cloudeight Direct Computer Care service keys right now.

Our new Two-Session Key is on sale today! You can’t beat our service — or our prices — anywhere.

A comment from Amy
II am so so SO impressed.

I run all the necessary programs religiously to keep my computer running properly & still I was having issues. Hard to boot, slow to boot, not recognizing drives, run time errors, crashes etc. So, I yesterday I decided to try a Cloudeight Direct Session with TC for the first time. I’m not sure all of what he did, but I do know my computer hasn’t run this well in at least 5 yrs.

TC thoroughly examined everything in my computer asking questions & giving suggestions along the way and with a good sense of humor ta boot. He checked & double checked to make sure he caught all the issues that could be creating my problems. I’ve had several companies & geeks deal with my computers over the years, as has my husband, and honestly, never have I seen anyone take the amount of time & conscientiousness as did TC. I can’t believe how fast my computer boots up! I would have paid $150 to anyone else to do what he did. I’ll never go anywhere else for help. My suggestion to all is even if you don’t think you have issues, have TC tune-up your computer & do feel totally confident to recommend this service to your friends & family. You may get a better Christmas gift this year! Oh..&rest assured he won’t touch your music files.

P.S. Do be forewarned. You may have to email him cookies when you’re done.

You are a hoot Amy — It was my pleasure to help you with your computer. While I was helping you, EB was helping someone else and so the wheel goes ’round and ’round. Seriously, we’re glad your computer is running so well. We always treat others’ computers the way we treat our own. So we hope that your testimonial (we didn’t pay you to say this, did we!) encourages others to use Cloudeight Direct Computer Care – we are confident we can do a great job for everyone. Thanks so much for your kind words and your support, Amy — and the cookies! TC & EB

(A note from TC & EB – Amy’s letter is just one of many we received last week about our Cloudeight Direct Computer Care service. We cannot publish them all – but we do want to thank all of you who’ve used our Cloudeight Direct Computer Care service and wrote very nice letters as well. Thanks to all of you! )

4 thoughts on “Cloudeight Direct Computer Care

  1. Bob Silver

    Hello ! Recently, I have been receiving Super Spyware on my computer and I have the feeling that it is a program that came to me through your organization. Is this correct ? And, if so, what is my best route–Super Spyware or the new Computer Care program you have advertised in this posting ? Thanks for your reply.

    1. infoave Post author

      SuperAntiSpyware is an antispyware program. Cloudeight Direct is our remote computer repair service. They’re not related.

  2. Peg Norheim

    I have another computer on a gamil system that makes molasses look fast. I want to buy a computer key and want to make sure that you can log onto that computer instead of this one.
    I have recently removed McAfee from the other one and have Micosoft System Essentials, Malaware and Super Anti Virus,

    1. infoave Post author

      What is a Gmail System? Gmail is exactly as fast as your internet connection — if that is what you’re talking about.


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