Computer Repair

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Cloudeight Computer Care

Have us Direct Connect to your Computer to fix problems or optimize your system! You never have to leave your home!

Service available World Wide!

We’ve been helping people with their computers for over a decade. We’ll connect directly (and securely) to your Windows computer and help you with your computer problems, set up email accounts, install software, remove clutter, switch out your security programs for more efficiency, optimize your Windows system, and help you solve your computer problems, personally. When we connect directly to your computer – with your permission – you’ll be able to watch as we work. We have hundreds of customer testimonials attesting to our service. We treat your computer as if it were our own. We make sure you’re happy with the service you receive so you’ll tell your friends and family members about us!

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24 thoughts on “Computer Repair

  1. Berdine Kock

    What do I need to do to open up a website that is within a websight or g-mail?

    1. Candace

      If I understand you correctly, you would just click on the hyperlink to open a web site within a web site; the same with g-mail. You would never click on a download link unless you want to install something. Even before clicking on a hyperlink, make sure you can trust the site.

  2. mary

    I clicked on the download bar at the top of this page and recieved a bad link file, prompting me to close and run a scan. ?

  3. Wilma Davidson

    Please Cloudeight, will someone get back to me? I have sent three e-mails about this and no answer. On June 29th, I purchased the $45.00 deal for getting my PC checked for the windows 10 pre and post check-up. It is getting closer to Juy 29th and so far haven’t heard from you on doing the check ups. Please answer me and let me know if you are going to do it or not. I also sent you the dates I would like it done but they are past and still nothing from you.

    Wilma Davidson
    2866 Foxfire Dr.
    St Louis MO 63129


  4. Diane Campbell

    are you still taking orders for the pre and post check-up before installing windows 10. My windows 7 computer seems to not want to change LOL. I
    tried to install w 10 three times but keep getting an error code #8024002, I also have an 8.1 windows laptop that has to be changed


    I know I have more than one computer repair paid for but can find no proof of them.
    I do not know why, but all my info in saved folders in Gamil have gone up in smoke and I cannot retrieve them. This is where I kept all my licenses, misc. info., etc.
    I am thinking of installing Windows 10 but want to solve some problems I have before doing so.
    Pleae help.
    Thank you,
    Anita Morris

  6. Mick

    Hi, My name is mick, from Australia, 76 yrs, have laptop and iPad and iPhone, kids say so. Stumble around skill
    Laptop on 8.1, hardly ever used, would like to but,.
    Interested in install w10 and emisoft.
    Where do I find the costs for your offers ?

  7. mary billman

    Please contact me via email. I have sent 2 filled out forms for my customize service. I have a key and would like to use it. But I have not received any replies from you.

  8. Beverly Trevena

    Hello, Do you work on Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 tablets?
    I have malware on it and it is frozen up. Will explain more if you work on them.
    Please contact me.

    1. infoave Post author

      Sorry Beverly, we don’t work on Android tablets. I can tell you how to reset it – to clean it – but make sure you have anything you want to keep backed up to a flash drive or removable memory card or some other external media. Let me know if you want to know how to re-set it.

  9. Rose Cantalini

    Darcy, thank you a million for getting my Windows 10 started and secure. Now I can really read your Daily Windows 10 information and put it use. You were so special in getting rid of that irritating paragraph mark that was at the beginning and end of every sentence in replies. Thank you so much for your expertise and sharing.

  10. Manell Peterson

    Inherited a Dell Inspiration 15 3000 series computer from my deceased brother, it needs a user password to access windows 10. How can I find this password or change it?

  11. Gale Peter

    I have had TC come to my computer and clean it up and make some changes . I was vey pleased and relieved to know I have found some honest people that can help me with my computers. Thank you TC and Darcy I will be telling all my friends about your support.


    1. infoave Post author

      Thank you so much, Gale. It was a pleasure working with you and helping you.


  12. Terry Field

    I have just reinstalled Window 10 as I had been hacked. All is well now but I cannot get Sticky Notes which is so useful to me. How do I get this on Window 10?
    Always great to read Cloudeight. I would be lost without all the info you give
    Thanks, Great job to you all

    1. infoave Post author

      Right-click the start button, click “Run”. In the run box type %windir%\system32\StikyNot.exe and press Enter. This will open Sticky Notes.

      Easier way: Press windows key + S and type sticky notes and click on “Sticky Notes (Desktop App)” when it appears at the top. To create start menu and taskbar shortcuts to sticky notes:

      Windows Key+S
      Type Sticky Notes in the search box
      Right-Click Sticky Notes when it appears at the top and choose “Pin to Taskbar” or “Pin to Start”.



  13. Lillian Rashell

    I have windows 7 64 bit and need your help. You have taken out avast in my computer before when I had xp windows had to us avast until I had my computer changed to windows 7 I need to find your prices on taking avast out and putting in emsisoft back in my computer, I know someone has been in m y computer, my tabs have been changed on the google tab and my yahoo tab is gone, its also updating itself and I had it set to ask me first, and update my software. I havent been able to work on these windows much due to an accident, but this is really getting to me now. Thank you so much and please let me know the price list and where it is so I can get your help,

  14. Cyndi Jorae

    Windows 10 Pro is constantly downloading and installing daily. The new build 1709 is not compatible with vital software we use. I can find no way to permanently block this update. Any ideas?

  15. Dianne C

    hi Darcy, my son had to reinstall windows 10 after doing some work on my computer. I have poor vision so I have my screen and icons enlarged,. He had to re install some of my programs also. One of my programs is a video editor and it installed large and I have a hard time using it as some features are not showing, This was an upgrade to an older version . I tried to uninstall and reinstall but it is still too large, also my web cam is a Logitech product and is now listed as a Microsoft app. I lost all my special functions
    that this app provided, I unplugged the web cam because it is useless without the special functions that I paid for. hope you can give me some help with these issues


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