Cloudeight InfoAve Premium Issue #652 Online

By | April 15, 2016
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Cloudeight InfoAve Premium Issue #652 is available to read online!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it…

Issue #652 includes….

These Questions & Answers

Bernie wants to give his PC a quick checkup

Danielle asks about downloading folders from Gmail and saving them to DVD

Nancy wants to convert image files from PNG to JPG format

Phil’s Windows 10 desktop icons won’t stay put

Connie  wants to know about Just Paste it

These Tips & Tricks

Create a Storage Drive in Windows 7, Windows 8x or Windows 10

Three Quick Windows Tips

Emoji on Windows 10 computers without touch screens

Three Cool NotePad Tricks

How to (sometimes) get deleted files back

Microsoft ain’t gonna call you, I tells ya!

Easily Add Items Your Windows Send-to Menu

and more!

Read InfoAve Premium Issue #652  right now, right here.

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