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  1. Linda

    Just a comment about the discussions about leaving your computer on or off. I’ve always turned my computer off when I’m not using it and one computer I had I left running 24/7. Well, the battery finally died in it. When I replaced the battery, it never did run right after that, so that’s when I decided to never let it run 24/7 again. I believe I just logged off when I left it running 24/7. To me it seemed it lasted longer to turn it off, but maybe not.

    1. infoave Post author

      Thanks for reading. We understand that many people think turning off their computers each night makes them last longer. That’s one school of thought. We just happen to disagree. But it’s the user’s choice – no one certainly has to do what we do. We just put forth an argument for leaving the computer running – there are plenty of people who don’t agree.

      Now, just to clear up some things on your comment – so we can clarify for others reading this:

      The term “battery” can mean different things. A motherboard battery or a laptop battery. A motherboard battery continues to work even when you turn your PC off, so shutting your computer off would have no affect on the motherboard battery. If you’re using a laptop, we should have pointed out that we leave our laptops plugged in all the time unless we are travelling. So obviously, we didn’t mean to leave a laptop running 24/7 on battery power. And logging off is not the same as shutting down. But like we said in the article – and here as well – there are two schools of thought on this subject – it’s your PC and you should do what you think is best.


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