Cloudeight Stationery Rides Again!

By | October 30, 2016
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Cloudeight Special Announcement
October 30, 2016

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your support!

For the first time in four years, we’re happy to announce a brand new stationery collection! Halloween 2016 is a Cloudeight Stationery collection made for the Thunderbird email program. In order to use stationery with Thunderbird, you’ll need to install the Thunderbird stationery add-on. For those of you who had us install Thunderbird for you, we’ve already installed the stationery add-on for you, so you’re ready to go.

We want to make it easy for all of your who like to use stationery to start using stationery with Thunderbird, so we’ve added a lot of stationery help pages and videos to get you started.

So if you’re using the Thunderbird email program and you like stationery, you’re in luck.

Cloudeight InfoAve

Cloudeight Halloween Stationery for Thunderbird

Announcing our first new stationery collection in over 4 years

Halloween 16 – Cloudeight Stationery for Thunderbird.

It’s really fun and exciting for us to announce a new stationery collection for the first time in a long time. Our Halloween 2016 Cloudeight Stationery collection for Thunderbird contains 40 spooky and fun Halloween stationery designs that will make your emails colorful and fun this Halloween weekend.

Want to see? OK! Here are a few samples from our new Halloween 2016 Stationery collection for Thunderbird:

Cloudeight Halloween Stationery for Thunderbird

Cloudeight Halloween Stationery for Thunderbird

Cloudeight Halloween Stationery for Thunderbird

Cloudeight Halloween Stationery for Thunderbird

Please come and get your Halloween treat! We have our first collection of Cloudeight Stationery for Thunderbird available right now – it’s just in time for Halloween. Visit this page to learn more and download “Halloween 2016” Cloudeight Stationery for Thunderbird. It’s FREE!

Cloudeight InfoAve

Cloudeight Christmas & Holiday Stationery for Thunderbird

We have some great Holiday & Christmas Stationery for Thunderbird Coming in November!

We have a lot of great Cloudeight Holiday and Christmas stationery for Thunderbird on the way! Be watching for our announcements…

Cloudeight Christmas & Holiday Stationery for Thunderbird

Cloudeight InfoAve


Our new Cloudeight Direct Thunderbird Email Set-up Service

Mozilla Thunderbird is a great alternative for those of you who have been using Windows Live Mail or Windows Mail on Windows 10 and who don’t want to use the limited Windows 10 Mail App. Thunderbird is compatible with all email accounts, including all Microsoft accounts, Windows 10 updates don’t affect it, and has the familiar look of Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail. However it’s very different as far as setting it up and configuring it.

So we’re offering Cloudeight Thunderbird Email set-up service.

Our new Thunderbird Email set-up service includes installing and setting up Thunderbird to look and work as much like Windows Live Mail / Windows Mail as possible. We’ll configure up to 3 email accounts for you and set them up as IMAP so that all your mail messages and folders on your mail server(s) are included in your Thunderbird Email program too! Plus, we’ll give you a list of tips & tricks to help you get the most out of Thunderbird Email program.

Get email that works the way you want it to — get your Cloudeight Direct Thunderbird Email Set-up Service key right now and put an end to the Windows 10 email merry-go-round.

You’ll be able to use our Cloudeight Stationery for Thunderbird, too!


We appreciate your support. We hope you enjoy our new Cloudeight Halloween Stationery for Thunderbird.

Happy Halloween!

Best wishes,

Cloudeight InfoAve Premium

5 thoughts on “Cloudeight Stationery Rides Again!

  1. Judy Gibson

    Since Darcy set up Thunderbird on my laptop a week or so ago, I’ve been trying to figure out how to use the stationery using the “Thunderbird Tips” file added to my desktop, but was not as smart as I thought I was. Just couldn’t get it to work.
    Ta da, using this email with new instructions, I downloaded and have successfully used the stationery.
    I enjoy using stationery with several friends and my sister. I love Cloudeight Newsletters and all the tips provided.
    Thanks again and Happy Halloween

  2. Kim

    Thank you for the stationery! Love it! You guys are awesome!!! Happy Halloween. Kim

  3. roberta

    well it was Sunday morning and after spending 3 hour Saturday night trying to figure out how to use thunderbird e-mail and background and Halloween stationery – e-mail DARCY–oh wow oh wow in ten minutes she had me using it all and like I said on Sunday—thanks so much—I really really aprreciated your help…
    love the Halloween stationery too—works just like express did yeah>>>GB

  4. Fay Korcykoski

    How can i get Calendar Pal back I want it on my windows 10

    Thanks, Fay


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