Controlling the Zebra

By | January 21, 2017
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Controlling the Zebra

Cloudeight InfoAveNow, do I have your attention? What do zebras have to do with computers you ask? Actually, nothing at all. But we wanted a way to help you remember a very important keyboard shortcut that can help you erase mistakes faster than a Mr.Clean Magic Eraser.

This morning, I wanted to copy 22 files from one folder to another. I selected all 22 files, right-clicked on them, choose “Move to” —> My new folder. Voilà! Just like that all 22 files disappeared from the original folder and appeared in the new folder… just like magic. Not so magic. The original folder was empty. Woe. Woe. Woe. But, luckily I remembered the zebra. That’s how I remember it, because that’s how I first learned it.

As soon as I realized I had moved the files instead of copying them, I just pressed CTRL + Z and all those files were back in their original folder. Like magic, I tells ya. So, I had a second chance to do what I wanted to do – copy the files from one folder to another, not move them.

You can use the zebra in most Windows applications. It’s officially called the “Undo command”, but we think you’ll remember the zebra better. Next time you want to undo something you didn’t mean to do, try CTRL+Z.

I wish I could undo the last lashing EB gave me. But, there’s no zebra for her.

One thought on “Controlling the Zebra

  1. Roberta Lykins

    CTRL Z has saved me before and it is very useful. Thanks for the reminder.


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