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By | August 14, 2013
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There have been programs around for a long time that will convert all sorts of documents to PDF, but until now, most of them did this by using a trick that works by making a virtual printer that converts the document into PDF format. Unfortunately, the PDF files created this way, while in PDF format aren’t completely functional. One of the biggest drawbacks of converting files with the virtual printer method is that links aren’t clickable. So if you’re converting a Word doc or Web page from its original format to PDF any links or email addresses contained in those documents will not be clickable.

We’ve found an online PDF conversion tool that creates real PDF files from all manner of text documents – Word docs, HTML (web) pages, RTF files and many more. It works quickly and securely and the PDF documents it creates contain images and clickable links – in other words real, 100% pure, PDF documents.

When we tested this Web application, we converted last week’s InfoAve Premium newsletter to PDF in less than 3 minutes – and last week’s Premium was a rather large file (around 110KB). It works great. There are many reasons why you’d want to convert documents to PDF files – but the number one reason is that they retain the integrity of the original and can be read on virtually any platform.

We think you’ll love this Web application, even if part of the page is in German. We’re bringing you the translated (to English) version for your convenience. Do you want to convert almost any kind of files into PDF files? Visit this page.



4 thoughts on “Convert almost any file type to PDF – without installing anything

    1. infoave Post author

      Ummm, there is nothing to download…we caution everyone not to click on ads they are not interested in. The item we featured is an online converter — not a program you download. Please read the article again.

  1. Richard McCoy

    I guess I am lost. I don’t see a way to convert a file on this site. Can you explain how to do this?

    1. infoave Post author

      OK we’ve changed the link. Somehow the translation was breaking the page. The page at the link now is easy to understand. Sorry about that.


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