Create a snazzy new Windows log-on screen with this freeware pick

By | July 15, 2011
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Does it really matter? No. Will it make your computer faster or run better? No. What good is it? None. But it’s fun, and sometimes you just need to do stuff because you can.

Maybe you want to put a picture of your wife or husband on your logon screen. No? What about a picture of Rufus – your loyal family mutt? How about the kids or grandkids? How about EB? How about TC? How about a screen shot?

Cloudeight InfoAve Premium

Ain’t it pretty? TC actually made that background with a program called Bryce 3D. It’s called Night Sailing and it’s available as a theme for CalendarPal.

Windows 7 Logon Screen Editor is so simple to use you won’t need any help. Plus you can preview your new logon screen before you finalize the changes. Its free, easy and fun – just like TC! Want to know more and/or download itYou can do both here.

Works in Windows 7 all versions (32 and 64bit)

8 thoughts on “Create a snazzy new Windows log-on screen with this freeware pick

  1. Janet Hopper

    I would like a windows 7 login screen editor for sure. Could u please tell me where I can download it or where r they? I hope they r free. Please get back to me asap, thanx Janet.

  2. Ken Roberts

    It appears to be right above your post the link is in blue letters click on the blue letters and it will take you to the site where you may down load this and I think they said it is; actually free easy and fun.

  3. shari carter

    Yes, it’s very pretty…even though the boats in the background look rather like ice berg tips!

  4. Teresa Tibbetts

    The only thing wrong with the Vista and XP logon programs that I can see is that CNet wants you to download and change your default search engine if you aren’t careful and read the pages while installing. 🙂


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