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    I have not received your daily Tips etc. in the past 3 days. Up until then, I had been receiving them. Have you stopped doing the Dailies? Gmail doesn’t block anything from Cloudeight.
    Thank you for your time.

    1. infoave Post author

      TC was off a few days and I will be doing this so you should get tonight.
      Thanks, Eightball

  2. Joan

    I have Windows Vista and a few of my System icons (like power) in the notification area are disappearing lately, do you know why? and how can i enable them if the check area is shaded? thank you.

  3. Joan

    I was able to fix the System Icons that went missing in my Notification area.(my earlier question above)
    Anyway another problem is my Windows Vista w/ IE 9 started acting up and going slow after all the Windows Updates in January. I then uninstalled Adobe which was said to be one problem and i installed PDF Viewer but i still have Adobe Flasher.
    My laptop is still slow to load but i have no viruses or trojans or spyware on it.
    So i then today uninstalled Avast(as you said it has become like a Norton Jr) and i installed Microsoft Security(like you mentioned) as i thought Avast might be the reason my IE9 browsing had gotten so slow but the Microsoft Security Essentials made it even slower, besides messed up Windows Defender! So i am now going back to Avast FREE and have uninstalled Microsoft Security Essentials. I have to see about finding Windows Defender again now too.
    However what else would be making my laptop sooooo slow?
    It is hard to even pay one bill as it takes forever!!!
    I am going on 66, self taught, and intermediate but this is the worst i have experienced. My laptop performance grade is 3.3 which is good, so what else do i have to look for now too to help it act sprite and young again? (i would like some tonic to feel that way too again? 😉
    Happy Trails, Joan in rural MT

  4. Nicole

    Hi, I want to change my email address for your daily tips and it doesn’t work Each time I try to sign up. Can you help me please. It works for weekly but not daily. Thank you. Nicole

  5. Sandra

    I want to read the past Windows tips under categories that says there is 1070 of them, but when I click on it only a few come up and that is it. I cannot see all 1070 of them. Any idea as to why?

    1. infoave Post author

      You need to contact Microsoft support — neither of us use Outlook. Sorry

  6. jacqueline Vasan

    Glad to have found your site. Sometimes we want there to be a magic product and, so, against our better judgement, go for the scams.
    Thanks for doing the work that you do.

  7. margaret hansen

    I have not got any of your daily tips for a while. what am I doing wrong

    1. infoave Post author

      Yahoo Mail has the worst spam filters of any major Web mail service. If you’re going to use Yahoo Mail, you need to check your spam filter often. We send our daily newsletter out 5 or 6 nights a week, and we’ve been doing that for several years.

  8. Patty M-Bray

    I used to get your daily tips and they have disappeared. When I try to subscribe I am told I already get it. Any way to override this? I really miss them.

  9. Shirley Johnson

    I recently purchased a Windows 10 computer.
    I have a 6600 printer.
    With my old XP computer, I could print numerous pictures on one piece of photo paper.
    I could print two 5×7 pictures of the same or two different. The same with all the other
    sizes. Now I can only print one of whatever on a full sheet of photo paper. Is there some
    way to change this?
    I used the Ask me anything option on my computer, but I did not receive a satisfactory answer.
    I have contacted my computer man, but he needed to check and call me back.

    1. infoave Post author

      We don’t know what a “6600” printer is. HP? Canon? Epson? Brother? The best place to ask for printer help is your printer manufacturer. Windows 10 doesn’t have anything to do with how your printer prints, however your printer may not be compatible or its software many need to be updated, or you may need to update the drivers. Please contact your computer manufacturer for assistance.

  10. Emily Ellis

    Is there any way to hook up an older keyboard to a new computer? Old one has a round hookup and no place on new computer to put it. Is there an adapter so it will go in a flat port?

    1. infoave Post author

      How old is that computer? USB ports and USB Keyboards have been around for 10-12 years or more.

  11. Sonja Doby

    I used to get this newsletter (the full C8 Daily Tips) every day. Then I got a new W10 computer several months ago and it no longer comes. All I get is the condensed version which refers me to your full website (this one). I don’t want the condensed one, so I tried subscribing to this full one again on my new W10, but it comes back and says “already subscribed…” Please help me get this corrected without having to use a new email address. Thank you.

    1. infoave Post author

      Sonja… we only have 2 newsletters. One is a daily newsletter which features a computer tip or computer-related article or two, which is called InfoAve Daily. We have a weekly newsletter, totally different than the daily newslette. The weekly newsletter and daily newsletter often times contain different content. We don’t have a “condensed” version. The daily has headlines you can click to read the full article (not condensed) and the weekly has the full article and sometimes links to more info on the web. So I’m not really sure what you mean by “condensed” – we don’t have a newsletter like that.

      You can subscribe to our weekly newsletter by visiting http://thundercloud.net/infoave/join.htm . It’s free. If you wish to unsubscribe to the newsletter you currently get, the unsubscribe link is located at the bottom – but keep in mind it’s not “condensed”.

      Also remember that ISPs can and do block our newsletters for content. We often discuss serious issues like ransomware, malware, spam and other important topics that seem to trigger less apt spam filters. If you were subscribed to the “full” newsletter, as you call it, changing operating systems does not affect your subscription or your email. If you’re not getting it it’s because your ISP is blocking/censoring it.

      If your ISP has blocked our newsletter numerous times, it’s possible your email address was purged from the list because of our newsletter continually being rejected.



  12. John Gregson

    I would like to forward this page to a non-subscriber.
    I am using Win 10 1803
    Suggest you have a FORWARD button somewhere

    1. infoave Post author

      Hi John,

      We do… click the Print Friendly button near the top of any article and you’ll have 3 options:

      1. Print the article
      2. Save it as a PDF file
      3. Share the page by email with anyone you like.



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