Despite Media Claims, the U.S. Does Not Have the Most Overweight Kids

By | May 29, 2014
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So much for the Mediterranean diet — Greece & Italy have the world’s most overweight kids

Most people know that the United States has a childhood obesity problem. Less well known is that according to the latest data from the OECD is that we are not actually the world leaders in experiencing this issue. It’s Greece and Italy who have the most overweight kids:

This may not jibe with a lot of hype about the benefits of the Mediterranean diet but it turns out that said diet may no longer be especially popular in Greece and Italy. In 2008, Josef Schmidhuber of the UN Food and Agricultural Organization said traditional eating patterns in southern Europe had “decayed into a moribund state” and drastically increased their overall calorie intake and especially consumption of animal fat, salt, and sweeteners.


2 thoughts on “Despite Media Claims, the U.S. Does Not Have the Most Overweight Kids

  1. Ken Roberts

    I will bet you that if we used a more realistic rule for fat we would be close to the bottom of that list . with my BMI I am severely obese But am hard pressed to find much fat at all . most people who know me does not consider me fat and surely not obese . Excuse me but I do not trust a government poll or statistic. From we are to fat to we need to turn our guns in we have been invaded, privacy means nothing, statesmanship or character means nothing . Now we have Christians under attack and they are supposed to be protected under the first amendment along with all religions to worship as they please . The elites want to be in total control of everything and every one. Most people today does not know what “shall not infringe” means

  2. Toodlesbear

    Is it just me or did I notice that the “lean” crowd all seem to come from countries with annual temperatures that are cooler/cold? It’s not that the USA children are overweight, it’s that our country is too hot!


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