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By | July 9, 2011
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Sometimes you need to sign a document in a hurry. Someone sends you a PDF file and you monkey around trying to open it, then print it, then sign it, and then send it back by regular email. It just takes a lot of time – you know what I mean, right?

Then there are times when you only have to drive downtown to sign a document but you really don’t like the smell of lawyer’s offices – or you don’t want to have to be in the same room with your ex – or with the guy who’s suing you, or stuff like that. So it would be super-nice if you do the whole ball of wax online without ever having to get dressed or combing your hair – in other words – you could sit home in your Sponge Bob boxers and take care of legal matters by signing documents electronically. This came in really handy recently when I wanted to resign from Cloudeight, but didn’t want to have to face EB and her tirade of shouting and crying. So I resigned electronically with a legal and digitally signed resignation letter which you can all read here.

If you have legal documents you want to sign but don’t feel like putting shoes on or taking another shower, you’ll appreciate – it takes the personal out of the legal. Great for recluses, lazy folks, smart folks who want to save time, Sponge Bob-boxer-lovers, people who don’t like the other party to a contract, cops who love signing arrest warrants, people who need to sign legal complaints, wills, testaments, and other stuff you need to sign but don’t feel like going anywhere – or you are too cheap to buy a printer, don’t have a fax machine, or don’t like licking stamps, then is perfect for you.

Here’s what the people at SignNow (if there really are any) have to say:

“100% Free Online Signings. No Registration. Simple.

SignNow is perfect for simple, free signings – use it as much as you’d like! We offer an easy and effective way to e-sign digital files without the need to scan, fax, or mail documents.

We believe electronic signings should be available to everyone, not just large corporate clients. Our platform is simple and useful for those who aren’t tech savvy or who are in a hurry. There are no barriers to use the system.”

Upload your document and sign or send it in less than 30 seconds. Start saving paper and trash that old printer, scanner and fax machine.”

SignNow prefers you upload your document in PDF format, but since I’m lazy and don’t like fiddling with PDF and didn’t feel like Google Docs today — and don’t even start on all the converters and free PDF creators out there – I just uploaded a plain old Word doc I created with Jarte – don’t ask. So you can probably upload almost any kind of doc and it will work – don’t hold me to it. I’m just the messenger.

If you’re anti-social, want to file divorce papers without a lawyer and send the to your shocked spouse, or you want to sue someone in abstentia, or you’re just kicking back and someone needs you to sign a document so they can take away your car or house, why bother printing and fiddling around – or driving down to your shyster lawyer’s office? You can just use SignNow and avoid all contact with your fellow human. Ah yes – living virtually unfettered in the virtual world.


To the several people who wrote last week and said I was getting a little too ridiculous in some of my articles – you can see from the above, I’ve taken your criticisms to heart!

4 thoughts on “Digitally sign any kind of document online

  1. Eve

    Tee hee, I don’t mind the ridiculousness. When I have time, I enjoy it, and when I’m rushed for time I just scan down to find the link.
    Fangs for everytink.

  2. James Sparks

    TC & EB: Kindly disregard those who bites the hand that
    feeds them. Regards, Jim Sparks, Cullman, AL

  3. Shirley

    I say, lighten up people. Life is too serious as it is. Bring some joy into your life and pass it on. I actually like the wit. Better than the funny papers, at times. A Merry Heart Doeth Good Like a Medicine! We need more laughter.

  4. Cindy

    I for one certainly enjoy the ridiculousness(?..LOL) of your articles….lighten up people!!! Keep it up TB!!!!! :o)


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