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By | April 24, 2016
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We both love free fonts – because we’re broke and old and goofy. But you don’t have to be broke, old, or goofy to like free fonts. No ma’am. No sir. Anyone can love free fonts and lot of you do.

You gotta be careful these days with some of the font sites out there in “the cloud” these days. A lot of them like to play “let’s fool the suckers into downloading junk and malware with the fonts”. But you don’t want that and we don’t want that. We just want free fonts – no games.

On this Cloudeight Site Pick there are over 1700 pages of fonts. The site is called “1001 Fonts”. Did we count them to make sure there are 1001 fonts? Nope we didn’t. But we can multiply… and we mean that in the mathematical sense only:

1700 pages x  10 fonts per page = a lot more than 1001.

The developers apparently can make fonts and find fonts but the don’t say much at all, so we can’t invite them here to give you a few words about this site because they have nothing to say. Oh well.

The fonts from 1001 Free Fonts are free for personal use only. If you’re a mogul and you plan to use fonts for TV or print advertising or for advertising pork chops in the front window of your grocery store – buy a commercial license. If you just want to use them to make cute graphics or whatever, they’re free. Capiche?

Click on the image above or on this link to visit 1001 Free Fonts


6 thoughts on “Do You Like Free Fonts

  1. Norman

    Question…. If we send an email to anyone with one of the special fonts ,will they arrive and be seen at the other end showing the font selected.??

    1. Dieter

      They will only see the font selected if they have it installed on their computer. If they don’t have it installed, they will still be able to read the email with a substituted font selected by the computer.

      1. infoave Post author

        Thanks Dieter. If they don’t have the font installed they’ll be able to read it – it will just revert to whatever their default font is (Arial, Verdana, etc.)

  2. Anita Raymond

    Can these fonts be used with Microsoft Word and PrintMaster? Where should these be saved?

    1. infoave Post author

      As long as they are installed on you system. Keep in mind if you send a document to someone else who does not have the same font installed, they’ll see the document in their default font.


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