Dreams Don’t Die

By | November 8, 2013
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Dreams do not die a natural death, they are crushed, trampled on, or die of loneliness.
We have all had grand dreams of a new career, a new love, a new house, a new car, our own business; dreams can be anything we want them to be. There is nothing quite like the moment when a dream is born. While it is true that few dreams ever become reality, living life without dreams is to live life without hope. Dreams fill the voids that reality cannot. Dreams inspire us to do better, to be better, and when we give up on our dreams we are giving up on ourselves. If you give up on your dreams you might as well hang a sign over your front door that bears Dante’s famous words: “Abandon hope all ye who enter here.”

Dreams can be born from a single thought or a dream can be the child of many thoughts. Dreams can be born in an instant, but dreams never die in an instant. You’ve had dreams. And you know there’s nothing the world loves more than stomping on them. Reality is a harsh teacher and sometimes we take her lessons too seriously. As we grow older our dreams become fewer. Time, that restless rapscallion, always hovering and keeping us from dreaming dreams we know we’ll never live long enough to accomplish. So as our time on Earth grows shorter, the dreams we dream become fewer.

We all age and we all die. Death is the great equalizer. Kings die. Presidents die. Popes die. The wealthiest men and women die. No amount of money can buy a ticket to a physical immortal life. Yes, if you believe in God, you believe in eternal life. I’m talking physical – not metaphysical life. Ten trillion dollars buys you as much extra life as a quarter. As Kansas so poetically wrote in their hit song “Dust In The Wind”, “…and all your money won’t another minute buy. Dust in the wind. All we are is dust in the wind.”
Dreams too may only be dust in the wind. But those of us who keep our dreams alive despite the hardships and the struggles and the many disappointments, reap greater rewards than we think. As long as we think our dreams are possible and achievable and we don’t give up, the dream lives on. By nurturing our dreams we are nurturing ourselves. As long as we have dreams, we have hope. As long as we have hope we have faith. As long as we have faith, everything is possible.

The world will certainly try to stomp on your dreams. You will find yourself doubting your dreams. But your dreams will never die a natural death. You will either allow the world to trample them to death or you’ll give up on them and they’ll die of loneliness and lack of attention.

We started Cloudeight as a hobby and it became a dream. The world and the Internet have changed much since those simple, happy days in 1998, when our dream of Cloudeight suddenly became real. We poured our hearts and souls into our dream and were rewarded in so many ways for doing so. Twelve years later we are keeping the dream alive even though sometimes it is not so easy. The world has tried to stomp on our dream but it did so back in the days when we first started. People told us not to quit our day jobs. People told us we were foolish. People told us to give up. But, we didn’t give up, We loved what we were doing and we had a dream – we had hope and we had faith.

Despite all the hardship and the struggles, we still love what we do. We are fighting harder to keep the dream alive. The past year or so hasn’t been easy. Sometimes it’s been hard to get up in the morning and face reality and get the things done we need to get done. Sometimes we have to take a breath and remember what keeps our dreams alive: those who believe in us and those who enjoy we we have to offer. The economy tried to trample on our dream and still tries to crush it – but we aren’t going to let anything kill our dream. There have been times when giving up seemed the only choice, but we both knew we could never make that choice.

To keep your dreams alive you must be a fighter – you cannot be a quitter. If we can overcome this difficult time then we may inspire others to never ever give up on their dreams. And even if we inspire only one person to follow their dream and never give up, then our efforts will have been worth it. You see, dreams are often scoffed at and ridiculed but the most far-fetched dreams have led to some of the world’s greatest inventions, the world’s greatest achievements, and the world’s greatest books.
We’re not giving up on our dreams and you shouldn’t give up on yours. One thing is for sure, dreams never die of natural causes. Dreams are crushed because you have let others stomp on them, or they die of neglect and loneliness because you give up on them.

Don’t ever give up on your dreams no matter how how old you are or how fantastic your dreams may be. We still have our dreams and we’re going to fight to keep them alive. And you should fight to keep your dreams alive too.

7 thoughts on “Dreams Don’t Die

  1. Helen Litle

    Truer words were never spoken than those in the last paragraph of this wonderful inspiring article. Thanks for this.

  2. Bette Jo

    Thank you for this wonderful reminder to fight for our dreams. As you said, when we get older it becomes easier to forget our hopes and dreams. Time seems to fly faster each day and sometimes I think that I may have run out of time to accomplish all that I would like to do. But it’s at those times that I am reminded of all that I have, of all that I have done and that I still have much to hope and dream of.

    I thank you both for all you do. In today’s world, it is a battle to do what is right and to be honest. You continue to help so many people each day and I’m sure a lot of what you do goes unrewarded. I have faith in good over bad so never give up and keep on dreaming!

  3. Joan G

    I thank God for your dream and your determination to keep on keeping on. I am sure I speak for us all when I say this is not just another website we connect to…it is our caring, helpful, sharing friends that we connect with. Many, many of us would surely be lost without you and your caring help. It means so much to know that Cloudeight is the site we can trust completely!

  4. LadyMichigan

    All Great things start with a dream! A country tired of being rules by another nation. Being tired and dreaming of NOT fighting your way to the back of the bus. Woman who wanted to have a say in the way their lives were run.
    Putting a man on the moon. Finding a way to stop the deseases that were killing and crippling thousand. Yes you are right a small dream can lead to big results. If you do not dream how can you know what you want to achieve. ?

  5. Linda

    Please never Give up on your Dreams! Yes, we all be Lost without Your Input and Support.


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