E-Diagnostics – It’s spam. It’s a scam.

By | September 8, 2011
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E-Diagnostics is a scam. You may get an email (or several emails) which looks likes it came from one from your friends or a company you have done business with. The email makes it looks like a friend or a company has send you an email. The email contains a short message and you’re asked to click a link to visit the E-Diagnostics Web site, supposedly to take an IQ test.

But E-Diagnostics is a spam-scam dating site that purports to match you with people of similar IQs or interests. E-Diagnostics is a company which promotes itself via spam – it lures people to signup and then coaxes them into connecting their MSN, Yahoo, or Gmail accounts with E-Diagnostics. In other words, they promote via spam, but with a twist. The twist is they disguise the spam by making it look like it came from a company or person with whom you may be familiar.

The link in the email does not lead to a download or a Trojan, a virus, or any sort of malware. Clicking the links in this email leads to an IQ test which leads to the real purpose of the email – to get you to promote their scam dating and test sites via spam.

The important thing for you to remember is: don’t click any links in any email from E-Diagnostics. You can easily recognize the email because it always contains the following message – only the supposed sender’s name changes:

“(Whatever name here) has written you a message…
You can view the message on E-Diagnostics, the platform for personality and intelligence tests that are also fun! To read your message now, go to the following link…”


10 thoughts on “E-Diagnostics – It’s spam. It’s a scam.

  1. Helen Christensen

    Yep that was the email that said it was from Cloudeight but you guys taught me well. I got in touch with you and the minute found out you didn’t send it I hit DELETE. Thank you for answering me so quickly when asked you if it was from you.

  2. Lillian

    I’m right behind Helen, TC and EB. Just opened my email and saw that I had a message from Cloudeight. I remember your “words of wisdom” and thought for a moment, “Why would Cloudeight be sending me an E-diagnostics test?”, and then dawned the light, so quickly got out of there and deleted it. When I got back to my G-mail, I opened your tip for the day and was and there was my answer. You guys are on top of EVERYTHING. Thanks again for all you do for us.

  3. Monkeybutt

    Got one supposedly from you just today, but I learned a long time ago not to click on anything unless I was sure it was legit. I knew before I even got the info ave daily. Thanks for the heads up anyway!

  4. Carmel

    Like Helen & Lillian, I also received the email supposedly from Cloudeight. It looked very fishy so I deleted it without opening it. I hope a whole lot of cloudeight fans and readers did the same thing. You have taught us well TC & EB. Thanks!

  5. William Banks

    I too recieved the email. The exact heading was,
    “You got new message from Cloudeight Internet” not normal
    language for TC or EB. I went to message source,printed it for reference and deleted the message.I too have learned many things from Cloudeight. There is also a second scam from Western Union Money Transfer re: $5000
    winnings from country of BENIN REPUBLIC. Just sent activation fees.

  6. Hopping Bunny

    Yup. Scam alright. Stay away. Their web site doesn’t even have a contact address.

  7. dan

    Is there a way to figure out who they sent the e-mail to? I just made the mistake of clicking and now my contacts have the e-mail from me. ugh…

    1. infoave Post author

      Not that I’m aware of — that doesn’t mean there isn’t.

  8. Jared

    When I received the email, supposedly from my own sister, I immediately got suspicious and browsed for E-Diagnostics, and found Thundercloud’s warning. This article confirmed my suspicions. You are great, and I really appreciate it. Among other things, I never participate in any of the social networks. Who needs to know the color of my underwear I wear om Wednesdays?


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