Eleven Great Windows Tips For You

By | December 14, 2014
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These tips work for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 (Most of these work on Windows 8.x  and Windows 10 too)

  1. Change computer time: Right mouse click on the clock in your system tray (lower far right) or right click in system tray and choose “adjust date and time”.
  2. To save a picture/image from a web page, right mouse click and choose “Save Picture As”. You can rename it at this time too.
  3. To see how much hard drive/hard disk space you have left, do this: Double click My Computer. right mouse click on your C drive (or any hard drive) and chose properties.
  4. Most common image formats are JPG, GIF, BMP and PNG. Most common image format exported from a digital camera is a JPG.
  5. If you accidently delete a file, click Control key + Z to bring it back instantly. You can also look in your recycle bin if you don’t realize it until later, then just right click on the file and choose “restore” and it will go back to where it came from.
  6. If you hold the shift key down when deleting a file, it bypasses the recycle bin. Control Z will still bring it back.
  7. If you occasionally see a red X instead of an image on a web page, it is not a setting problem with your browser. It usually means the webmaster who made the page put in a bad link.
  8. F1 key opens Windows Help quickly!
  9. You can quickly maximize a window by double clicking the title bar of the window… this is the big long blue area at the top of your window. Double click again to bring it back to the size it was prior to maximizing.
  10. Alphabetize the items in your start menu by clicking Start, Programs, and while hovering over any program, right mouse click and choose Sort by Name.
  11. Quick View of your System: If you hold the Alt key down while double clicking My Computer, it will open the System Properties window. This is where you can find your computer’s name, system restore, auto updates, hardware, and more. The first screen “general” will show you a lot of information about your system such as what version of Windows you are using, who the computer is registered to, how fast your CPU is and how much RAM you have.

3 thoughts on “Eleven Great Windows Tips For You

  1. Bob

    Question on #8: Is there a way to disable (or remap) the F1 for help key?
    I use the F2 key often to rename files and when I accidentally press the F1 key, it takes a while to bring up the help screen (which I then close and then hopefully hit the F2 key this time!). While waiting for the help screen to display, my computer is basically on hold waiting for the help screen.


  2. Raul Perez

    Very nice tips, but where is “my computer icon” in windows 8.1
    thank you for the info.

    1. infoave Post author

      It’s not called “My Computer” in Windows 8x it is just called “Computer”. Be default the icon is hidden. To make it visible, go to Desktop mode (if you’re in Start Screen just press Windows Key + D ) and right-click on an empty area of your desktop. Choose Personalize. On the left side of the dialog click Change desktop icons. Tick the box next to computer (and any others you’d like to show on the Desktop). See picture below:

      Show Computer icon on Windows 8x desktop


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