Emsisoft has won another award!

By | April 13, 2016
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Emsisoft has won another award!

Three years ago, when Microsoft Security Essentials failed to pass most independent antivirus tests, we started looking for something that would keep our users safe. We tested AVG and Avast and found not only were they lacking in protecting users from malware and PUPs, but has started hijacking users’ browsers and sometimes even installing PUPs!

Three years ago hardly anyone ever heard of Emsisoft. We stumbled on it as our testing led us further away from the so-called “brand name” security choices and the big two “free” security programs. We tested Emsisoft for over 2 weeks – putting it through its paces by intentionally inundating it with all manner of malware and PUPs. We were amazed that Emsisoft then was not well known – it was the best we’d ever tested. At that time we started protecting all our computers with Emsisoft and began to recommend it to our readers.

We had to overcome a lot of skepticism – but we knew we were right. And now Emsisoft is well-known and we’re very happy for them. All the awards they’ve won, they deserve. But a product is only as good as the support team behind it – and the support team behind Emsisoft is absolutely top-notch. With fast response times, knowledgeable and friendly support techs and the willingness to go the extra mile for our mutual customers, the Emsisoft support team wins our award for the best support team we’ve ever seen.

Yet another seal: Emsisoft Anti-Malware now AV-TEST CERTIFIED



AV-Test certified: The best antivirus software for Windows Home User

In January and February 2016, AV-Test continuously evaluated 22 home user security products using their default settings. With a focus on realistic test scenarios to challenge the products against real-world threats, Emsisoft Anti-Malware had to demonstrate its capability using all components and protection layers. The first test of Emsisoft Anti Malware instantly earned the AV-Test Certified award with the maximum scores in Detection and Usability. This seal of approval provides evidence that the tested product has achieved all of the levels of performance required and defined by AV-TEST.

As time goes by we grow more proud of our choice of Emsisoft as the only security software we endorse and recommend. It passed the most rigorous tests we could put it through and that was three years ago – and it’s only gotten better. The Emsisoft company, its products and its people are world-class. We’re proud to be an Emsisoft partner and reseller.

Celebrate Emsisoft’s Newest Award!

We’ll make it easy for your to switch from your current security software to Emsisoft for a very special price.

Emsisoft with professional installation by Cloudeight


Celebrate Emsisoft With Us –
We’ll Install Emsisfot and Configure it For You Free!*

Celebrate with us – We will Install Emsisoft for you free of charge when you buy an Emsisoft one-year license at regular retail price – $39.95. Our regular price for Emsisoft  with installation is $59 – so you’ll get almost $20 off on Emsisoft with professional installation by Cloudeight. (New customers only, please.)

1. We’ll remove your current security software correctly.
2. We’ll clean your computer and remove any PUPs and malware.
3. We’ll install Emsisoft, give you a one-year license, and configure it for ease-of-use and best antivirus, anti-malware and PUPS protection.




9 thoughts on “Emsisoft has won another award!

  1. Barb

    I endorse everything you’ve said, including the prompt and expert support that Emsisoft gives. People who use Emsisoft don’t get a virus, they don’t get any malware, and they don’t have to worry. The program can be set to do regular scans as well as being alert to any danger. I wouldn’t be without it after using it for almost 3 years.
    I’m glad you found them!

  2. Harris D

    I have been using Emsisoft for a few years and the recommendation of the program by TC & EB should be followed by everyone who wants a secure computer and protects against more than just viruses.
    All-in-one protection against all the nasty malware, junkware, PUPs toolbars, and add a team of qualified support technicians with a ‘toolbox’ of fixes if anyone discovers a problem relating to an infection, even ransomware.
    Why pay more and have several programs for security when Emsisoft protects computers from every ‘nasty’.

  3. Jeanne

    I have had Emsisoft for almost 3 years and I have never been more satisfied! I simply do not get viruses, malware or anything else. It runs like a charm on my computer. It is easy to understand as well. I am not surprised they have won another award! Congrats to them–and you for choosing another winner. I have trusted your advice, suggestions, and helps for over 10 years and couldn’t be more pleased with the efforts you both put into this website and helping so many of us!!

  4. Dr Daniel De Loge Sr

    I’ve used Emsisoft ever since Thundercloud first introduced it and have had spectacular protection ever since. You can’t get better than that.

  5. Gerry Myers

    Barb, You are so right. I too have used Emsisoft since it was recommended by Cloudeight. Users can work away on their computers knowing full well that Emsisoft will give them the fantastic protection that we have not had in previous years from other anti malware programmes. And the wonderful thing is that Emsisoft does at no time “rest on their laurels”. They continue to improve and are devoted to give us, its users , complete confidence .
    EMSISOFT thank you.

  6. Janice M

    I second EVERYTHING SAID about Emsisoft! I’ve been using it since the first time you recommended it. IT’S FANTASTIC! They even give us C-8 ers a nice price break. (And TC & EB thot no one paid attention to them–lol)

  7. Patricia McCosker

    I have been told that Emsisoft is an excellent product to detect and remove malware…but it does not detect viruses, and that I should have an anti virus programme installed on my computer as well as Emsisoft.
    Is this correct?

    1. infoave Post author

      Emsisoft is one of the top-ranked anti-virus programs – always listed at or near the top in all independent testing labs. The term “malware” encompasses virus, worms, ransomware, PUPs, Trojans,etc. Visit an independent anti-virus testing labs’ web site and you’ll find Emsisoft always listed at or near the top… for instance see AV Comparatives

      But the best thing about Emsisoft, not only does it rank among the best antivirus programs. it’s the only security program we know of that prevents/detects the kinds of things you’re much more likely to encounter on the web: PUPS, search engine hijackers, home page hijackers, ransomware, etc. You’re not very likely to run into a virus these days – even the worst antivirus can protect you from viruses -they’re old technology and easy to detect. But it’s all the other stuff that makes life so miserable for so many on the Web.

      Emsisoft is all you need.


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