Finally Fast and Other Ascentive Products – SCAMS

By | October 19, 2012
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Maryanne wants to know about Finally Fast
Thank you for everything you do for us.  My internet provider, Verizon, is promoting “Finally Fast”.  Please give me your opinion of this program. Thanks, Maryanne.

Our answer
Thank you, Maryanne. First we want to say we could find nowhere on Verizon’s site where they are promoting Finally Fast. It would be surprising to learn that they are because Finally Fast borders on a scam and also malware.

Finally Fast is about as close to a scam without being a scam as you can get. Heck. Let’s just call it a scam. If it walks like a duck and quacks like one, it probably is a duck.

This is case where this company (Ascentive) has made enough money by misleading people that they can now afford to advertise in prime time and make even more money. There is no difference between what Ascentive (Finally Fast) is doing and what these “sit in your house and make millions on the Internet” scams are doing. Everyone of us who uses a computer wish we could install a software program and make our computers incredibly fast. Everyone of us who is overweight wishes we could eat all we want and still lose weight. Everyone of us who is struggling to pay the bills wish we could buy a book or CD for $29.95 and learn how to make millions overnight. The little common sense voice in all of us yells – NO NO NO! But, still, some of us think it’s worth $29.95 to give it a go.

Well, Ascentive thinks enough people will pay $29.95 or $39.95 or $49.95 and take a chance that it works – and then pay them again next year and the following year and the following year -with their subscription “service”.

Folks, Finally Fast is a scam. You’ll see in their commercial where they’ve been featured in Newsweek, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and other newspapers and TV shows. But, we’ll tell you what, we don’t know who or how much they paid, or what software they let these people try, but Finally Fast is a scam that many say installs spyware, malware and/or adware on your computer – and won’t make your computer faster at all.

With the economy struggling, the last thing you need to do is throw away money. The real proof of what Finally Fast does or doesn’t do is what folks who have actually fallen for this scam have to save. Google “Finally Fast + Scam” and learn the truth before you fall for this scam and throw your money away.

You can read all about the many people reporting Finally Fast and Ascentive by  googling “Ascentive” and “finally fast”. Also, Ascentive (Finally Fast) was successfully sued for millions for false advertising. See this article for more information.

Finally Fast is a scam. Let common sense guide you on the Web as you do in your everyday life. No one program is going to magically transform your computer from a slow, frustrating mess, into a fast, sleek, computing machine. Everyone likes to believe in magic, but if you trust Finally Fast to cure what ails your computer, the only thing you’ll be doing is making your computer worse and throwing your money away.

Stay away from Finally Fast and anything made by Ascentive.

Let us know where you got the information that Verizon is recommending Finally Fast and we’ll investigate that too.

3 thoughts on “Finally Fast and Other Ascentive Products – SCAMS

  1. Robert Fricks

    Adding more to your PC (like “all-in-one” fix-it software) without correcting what is already installed, is like putting a bandage on a severed digit (finger, toe etc.). It will make the finger look better (with no blood gushing from it) for a few minutes; but, it has not solved the problem. The longer you allow that program to keep the problem covered, the closer you will be to buying a new computer.

  2. Maryanne

    Finally Fast wrote me an email and it was indicating that Verizon was approving their program. When I received a reply to my question from Darcy, I deleted the email, so I cannot give you the details, sorry. I did not click any links or reply to the email. I know better than to do that, and I guess that I sent you my question about the Company, because I recall seeing TV advertisements by them quite some time ago. I’m glad you answered my inquiry in the newsletter because I’m sure I was not the only one who received that email. Thanks again, you are the best.


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