Find Nutritional Information For Any Quantity of Food

By | February 1, 2016
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Find Nutritional Information For Any Quantity of Food

If you’re concerned at all with your weight, you’re different than EB, and more like TC. If you’re not concerned with your weight or nutrition at all – you can skip this page and maybe make a donation or check out how to give Microsoft some ideas.

If you’ve come this far, after that horrid opening paragraph, congratulations! We happy to have you with us.

First the name of our site pick is Spelt, but it’s not spelt Spelt, it’s spelt, – cute huh? We thought so. Do we have a clue what Spelt has to do with nutrition. Sure, we’re not completely food stupid – Spelt is an ancient grain. Our distant forefathers used to sit around in their caves watching movies eating popspelt -a forerunner of what we call popcorn.  And if you’re from America, spelt is the past tense of spell in Britain. And you know, they invented English, so how they spell words is more correct than how us Yankees spell words. If they like colour, we should like colour. Do the Canadians respect English spelling? I don’t know, do you?

All this has nothing to do with our site pick, it’s more or less an attempt to see just how much you care about what you eat.

Our site pick, Spelt, makes it easy to find out the nutritional value of any food, in any quantity, even in single pieces like 4 peanuts. You can use American measurements or metric measurements, Spelt does not care where you’re from.

If you’re a mom or a grandma and you  bake goodies for your family, wouldn’t you like to know the nutritional value of what you cook or bake? Spelt not only gives you the calories in food, but it gives you the amount of fat, carbs, and protein in food.

So, why waste time writing anymore – you’re either still with us, or you’ve gone off in search of something meaningful. But this is meaningful, I tells ya! We all have to eat. And what we eat is what we are – who said that? It makes no sense. I am not an Egg McMuffin.

Now, instead of boring you with 360+ more words, we’re going to show you, exactly what you can do with Spelt.

As you can see (above) you can really chow down on grapes. Eat a bunch and stay slim. If your belly can hold 100 grapes, you’re only consuming 340 calories – or less than you’d consume if you ate just one cup (8 oz.) of vanilla ice cream.


As I can tell you – it does not take nearly as long to eat one cup of ice cream as it does to eat 100 grapes. Plus, you don’t need to chew ice cream, so you don’t burn off calories chewing like you do with grapes. I am guessing you burn off almost as many calories chewing grapes as you get from eating grapes. Does this make grapes the perfect diet food? Some will tell you grapes are too high in sugars, I say bull hickey.

You love pictures? Here are more pictures:

Above: American ounces. Below: Metric liters.

Above: Calories by the piece. 4 peanuts is 4 peanut whether you live in Germany, England, Australia, New Zealand or Lower Slobovia.

If you have recipes and you’d like to know what the nutritional value is, lookie at the cookie recipe below:

See? Look up! That recipe makes 24 delicious cookies. Each cookie has a hair over 295 calories.  So two chocolate chip cookies and an 8 oz. glass of milk (who eats cookies without milk?) is about 800 calories. So what was my grandma doing giving me cookies and milk when I got home from school?? Would I have eaten 4 grapes or 4 brazil nuts for a snack. I would have thought she didn’t love me.

Now, finally, we compare the diet of a wealthy person (EB) and a poor person (me). First EB’s daily calorie intake:

My diet. It’s all I can afford. And I have to pay for catfish & chicken food too!

Though levity and pictures, you all have an idea of what you can do with our site pick “Spelt”.

Now go forth and find out more about the foods you eat.

9 thoughts on “Find Nutritional Information For Any Quantity of Food

    1. infoave Post author

      I took all the screenshots myself. There’s nothing on the site – except the nutrition search. There’s no even an ad.

  1. Holly Ferbey

    I clicked on the link and it went to spelt but it didn’t give me any results

  2. Helen

    WOW, great site!!!

    Watching my in take of carbs, and none of that type in word then search a loooooonnnnnnggggggg category for what you want.

    Thanks, I am even doing a personal list…

  3. Gloria

    Thank you! This is an awesome program! It was tricky for me to type it in my address bar as I tried it several times and it wouldn’t work. I couldn’t figure out why it worked when I clicked it from your link. Now I know why it didn’t work at first. It was because I was typing (I will show in capitals) SPE.IT .. I should be typing SPE.LT It is a little tricky as I thought the “l” was a capital “i”.
    (I was reading it in my mind as “Spell It ” instead of “Spelt” )

    It works great! The best tiny, userfriendly program yet for finding out the “good and the bad” in foods/drinks we consume.
    Thank you again, TC, for your time and for sharing your finding with everyone!

    1. infoave Post author

      It is a web application – there is nothing to download.


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