Four Great Windows Tips

By | July 13, 2014
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Four great tips for Windows

1. Click your mouse wheel to close a browser tab.

You can do it, yes you can. Most of us use the mouse wheel to scroll pages and other common mouse wheel stuff. But if you press down on your mouse wheel you’ll notice it depresses just bit. Well, did you know that just a bit is enough to allow you to close a browser tab (among other things). Try it and see. Position your mouse pointer in the middle of a browser tab and press down on the control wheel. See?

2. Holding down the right mouse button while dragging a file or folder gives you more options

If you drag a file or folder while holding down the left mouse button, you’ll get the “move here” option. If you drag a file or folder while holding down the right mouse button and release it over the target (the folder you’re copying or moving to) you’ll get several options including:

Copy here
Move here
Create shortcuts here


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3. Using the Shift key to select text

Most of you know that you can select files and folders by holding the Shift key and clicking on the first and then the last file/folder. But this also applies to selecting text in documents like MS Word docs as well as text files (and Web pages).

All you have to do is click on the first character in the text you want to copy, then point to the last character, click and release the shift key. All the text between the first click and the last click is selected. Now just press CTRL + C to copy the selected text and CTRL+V to paste it wherever you want…like a Word doc or an email or a text file.

4. Maximize any program with a double-click
Instead of fumbling around looking or the maximize button between the – and the X in the top-right corner of most program and file windows, just double-click anywhere on the title bar to maximize the window. (The title bar is the topmost part of the program window and usually contains the program name.)

7 thoughts on “Four Great Windows Tips

  1. Dick Boera

    Have learned a great deal from your newsletters; even learned about a new keyboard key today…or is that a slight typo? 🙂 Windows Tips: Item 3, line 5

    1. infoave Post author

      Well SHIFT! Everyone seems to give a shift 🙂 The typo has been fixed.


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