Free anti-spy tools! Limited Time Emsisoft Anti-Malware Promo Offer

By | August 9, 2013
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Emisoft and Cloudeight -- The war against malware just turned in our favor

Cloudeight Members Exclusive Offer, Courtesy of Emsisoft!

Buy Emsisoft Anti-virus/anti-malware, and get a FREE one year license for CyberGhost and a FREE Lifetime License for Sticky Password, for a limited time only!

While Emsisoft Anti-Malware provides the best possible protection for your PC, CyberGhost VPN allows you to browse the web anonymously, and StickyPassword makes sure you always have the right password at hand. And all this at an incredible price! All three for only $29.95!

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Yes, our friends at Emsisoft are extending this free offer to Cloudeight Subscribers! Sticky Password manager is very user friendly and Eightball just loves it! If you are paying an annual fee for RoboForm, you can import all you data from RoboForm to Sticky Password, as well as from LastPass!

Sticky Password Password Manager

  • Create and organize unbreakable passwords
  • Fill online forms in seconds
  • Login to websites AND applications with one click
  • Protect important personal data with military grade encryption
  • Portable USB and iPhone version included!
  • CyberGhost

    Instantly create a Virtual Private Network for complete Internet anonymity

    A VPN creates a tunnel between you and the VPN server, essentially bypassing your ISP. The only transmissions your ISP logs are the transmissions (which are encrypted) between your computer and the VPN server. Once you’re connected to the VPN service your browsing is as close to anonymous as you can get.

    VPNs are popular with businesses whose employees need to access the company’s network without exposing data to the Internet. Newer VPN software like CyberGhost, makes it as simple as clicking a button to connect your home computer via a VPN.

    Click here for more info!

    2 thoughts on “Free anti-spy tools! Limited Time Emsisoft Anti-Malware Promo Offer

    1. Ramona P

      I will soon be getting a new pc with new OS,I have XP now. If I would purchase Emsisoft now, isn’t it only good for one pc? I feel totally secure with Emsisoft, it is the greatest. I am not exactly sure of the day I will be getting my new pc..just wondering?
      Thank you in advance

    2. Philip Reeves

      I suspect many of us purchased Emsisoft antimalware before the vpn software was included in the purchase deal. How can we get our free copy of the vpn software included with our original purchase?


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