Genie Timeline Home 2016: A Time Machine For Your PC

By | May 6, 2016
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Genie Timeline Home 2016: A Time Machine For Your PC

Backup software for Windows 7, Windows 8.x and Windows 10 – Works on both 32bit and 64bit systems

Set-It-and-Forget-It-Simplicity Assures That This Is One Backup Program You’ll Actually Use! It’s like a time machine for your computer. Works great in Windows 10 and works great with Windows 10 File History.

The number one reason people don’t backup their computers is because most backup programs are somewhat difficult to use. Most all of the backup programs available require users to be at least have intermediate computer skills in order to use them. Up until now, there hasn’t been a backup software program that is easy for beginners to use, but advanced enough to satisfy even the most skilled computer user.

We have been using Genie Timeline for 2 years — testing it and putting it through it’s paces. We are impressed with it’s ease of use.  It’s so easy to set up, even the least experienced computer will be able to setup regular backups and be able to use them should it become necessary to restore from a backup. And it offers “Set it and forget it” simplicity – backups so easy you’ll actually make them! And Genie Timeline 2016 is the best Genie Timeline ever!

Get your Genie Timeline Home 2016 license today and save $10.00 off the regular retail price. If you have two or three computer – you can protect all of them and save big!

Genie Timeline Home 2016 incrementally backs up your files and folders (or if desired, creates hard drive image) so you always have the latest copy of your files backed up and ready to restore with the click of a button. It doesn’t get any easy than this!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so a bunch of pictures should be worth a bunch of thousands of words right? You can see from the pictures below, just how simple and elegant Genie Timeline 2016 really is:

Cloudeight Internet InfoAve
The first step is choosing a drive to store your backups. An external hard drive is perfect for storing backups — and they’re very inexpensive these days too. If you don’t have one, you should get one — it’s good insurance and a wise investment. Don’t get one smaller than 500 GB though – 1 Terabyte is recommended. A 1 TB external drive should cost you less than $80, if you shop around.

Cloudeight Internet InfoAve
Above: I’ve selected my G:\ drive to store the backup. See?

Cloudeight Internet InfoAve
Next you can choose what to back up. You can choose to “Select all” and backup everything, or pick what you want to back up. If you choose Smart Selection (see above) it will back up your email, desktop, documents, pictures, music, and videos. If your bookmarks (favorites) are important to you, you can check that box too — or any of the other items if that you want to keep safe.

Cloudeight Internet InfoAve
A closer view.

Cloudeight Internet InfoAve
Genie Timeline is preparing your backup based on what you’ve chosen to back up.
Cloudeight Internet InfoAve
Your back up is created. It’s recommended that the backup be created when you’re not using your computer so that your backup can be made more quickly — and so it doesn’t interfere with your work or play. As you can see above, I have mine set up for 11:40 PM tonight. I think I’ll be done working by then.

We highly recommend that (after you register the program) you download the Disaster Recovery Start up Disk – so you can boot your computer should Windows refuse to boot up.

And that’s it! My backup is scheduled to run at 11:40 PM and Genie Timeline will keep my backup updated automatically from now on without me doing anything. It’s automatic. And if disaster should strike my computer, all my important files are backed up and safe and sound — and all I had to do was set it up once and forget it.

Above: While Genie Timeline Home 2016 is running – I can us my computer and not even notice it running. Try that with any other backup program.

Even with Genie running full speed it uses less memory than Chrome.

We’ve made a special purchase of Genie Timeline 2016 licenses .., you save a ton!

Get this $39.95 program for just $29.95 right now — or get Genie Timeline 2016 with Cloudeight Direct installation and setup for $39.95.

To get yours, visit this page right now …we have a limited number of Genie Timeline 2015 licenses and when they’re gone the sale ends…so get yours right now before we run out!

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9 thoughts on “Genie Timeline Home 2016: A Time Machine For Your PC

  1. Wayne

    I am a little confused. The impression I am left with is this program can replace a dedicated external hard drive for your computer yet you recommend buying an external hard drive e.g. 1TB.
    Where is the data backed up to? Where is the security for documentation?

    1. infoave Post author

      We didn’t say you have to buy a new external drive. We said you need to have an external drive. If you already have you – we don’t say you need two. We are just trying to save people money and time – if they don’t have an external drive or 2nd hard drive – they can’t use Genie.

  2. patrick sando

    If you make a full (image) backup , can you restore individual folders/file if need be? How easy is it delete old image files to make more room on the external drive, can you use windows explorer or does Genie have a delete function???

    How about run logs after a backup/restore , good reporting functions?

    1. infoave Post author

      Yes you can recover individual files and folders from a Genie image bavckup. You can save your original image backup to a different folder. Genie use intelligent backup and gives you the option of compressing the backup to save space, to back up at intervals, or to use intelligent backup. I’m not a fan of logs – logs are for troubleshooting and we’ve never had any problems with Genie. However Genie does have logging and troubleshooting mode.

      Genie Timeline Home 2016, as its name implies if for home users – not business users or tecnophiles. We don’t know of any better backup system for home users than Genie Timeline Home. If you need professional backup features, you can pay extra and get Genie Timeline Pro – but for most of our readers Genie Timeline Home makes backing up simple and accurate.

  3. Andrea

    Is there a tutorial on Restore? Also, is the backup each day an incremental back up so it doesn’t use up my ehd space too quickly? Thanks!

  4. Gordon

    I have 3 laptops and a desktop. What would it cost to do all 4?

  5. Joe

    I like this idea very much,I just replaced my hard drive and I lost everything,mind you I’m not too big on music or pictures but I believe it would be worth while for me to get a hard drive back up plus Genie,I will attend to this matter immediately.

  6. Marjorie

    I have had external drive ClickFree for a few years.
    Recently discovered that company no longer exists; there is no online support, etc.
    My question: If I remove everything from this external drive, can I then use it to be the external back up if I purchase
    Genie Timeline?

    1. infoave Post author

      Sorry Marjorie, we’re all out of Genie Timeline keys. If you’re using Windows 10, we suggest you use File History.


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